Gastronomical Reasons to Visit Colombia

Gastronomical Reasons to Visit Colombia

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

Colombian food is a prime illustration of multiculturalism. It is artistic and flavorful to the brim. Various dishes take their inspiration from other regions like Africa, Arabia, and Spain. The spice and flair of Caribbean cuisine have had a big impact on Colombian cuisine while ingredients and methods from the Pacific and Amazon have all made their way to Colombia. This has resulted in a distinctive fusion filled with color, passion, and exotic flavors. Colombian cuisine is heavily influenced by the varied cultural customs of its ethnic communities and an incredible selection of locally farmed ingredients.

National Dish

The bandeja paisa is Colombia’s national dish. It’s a typical Antioquian dish made with beef, chorizo, chicharrĂłn (fried pork belly), black beans, rice, fried eggs, plantains, arepas, hogao, and avocado. With all these ingredients and flavors, it is best to experience this dish in its country of origin. You may need a visa to visit Colombia, depending on where you are traveling from, so do a little research to learn more about the application process. Start planning while your mouth is still watering!


For Colombians, the morning meal is unquestionably the most significant of the day. The most typical breakfast in Colombia is huevos al gusto. This you can find on most hotel’s breakfast menus as well as in the nearby convenience store. The scrambled eggs are served in a variety of flavors, e.g., with tomatoes and onions, with sausages and cheese, or with spinach shoots.

Arepas can be found all over Colombia and can be eaten as an appetizer, a side dish, a snack, or even a meal such as breakfast. Arepas come in more than 30 different kinds, but they all share a flat, circular shape and are constructed of maize dough. The color and flavor of the corn differs based on the region and the variety of maize utilized. Arepas are often grilled, but some varieties can also be pan-fried, deep-fried, or, less frequently, baked.


In Colombia, soups are virtually a ritualized lunchtime dish. One of the most popular soups is the Ajiaco. Three different kinds of potatoes, golden corn, shredded chicken, and the soup’s secret ingredients — guascas, or herbal spices — are used in its creation. A drizzle of milk cream is also added to the finished dish. Additionally, it must be served with a creamy avocado and white rice. Some people choose to add capers as a variation.


Lechona is stuffed roast pig that is cooked for around 10 hours, and then served in individual servings The entire lechona (roast pig) can also be purchased. Colombians typically do that when they are holding a huge party. Although lechona is expensive, it can feed many visitors and is popular among the locals.


Cholado is difficult to define, but it is like a fruit salad, frappe, and dessert all in one. It is refreshing and packed with flavor. The fruit, a variety depending on availability, is blended with blackberry, and passion fruit syrup and condensed milk are layered in a large glass with ice at the bottom. Whipped cream and wafer cookies are often added on top. This will quench your thirst while satisfying your sweet tooth at the same time. The best way to experience the variety of exotic fruits available in Colombia is to visit the markets. You will find guanabana, lulo, cherimoya, and zapote. Book that flight now!

There is no better way to experience the gastronomical proportions of Colombia than paying the country a visit. Savor these flavors and so much more.

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