Dates and other delicious dishes from Dubai for an iftar meal

10 Most Delicious Dishes From Dubai

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Dubai is among one of the finest spots to enjoy vacations. It attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists from all around the world since it offers a vast variety of experiences and places to see. Among all such activities, tasting the mouthwatering dishes from Dubai can prove to be one of the best experiences we could ever enjoy. So let us have a look at some of the best dishes from Dubai.

TAKEAWAY: Food in Dubai is mostly inspired by Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries. Dubai is home to a lot of people from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and more, so they have brought a lot of delicious dishes from their native places. Hence, people visiting Dubai can find a lot of food items and cuisines to choose from. Try out most of the local food while in Dubai to experience the mix feels and tastes from several nations.



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Manousheh is a highly preferred dish for people who love spicy food. It is a white baked flatbread, similar to a pizza, topped with multiple ingredients such as cheese, meat, spices or sweets. This meal is a beloved breakfast dish for Emiratis, though it is originally a Lebanese food item. If you are planning to Dubai anytime soon, make sure you taste this yum dish.

Chelow Kebab

Kebabs are no wonder a famous food item loved in Asian, African and Middle East countries. Chelow kebab literally means “white rice with kebab.” Therefore, it consists of a layer of meshed and fried rice with a pat of butter and some spices, combined with a typical kebab. For the kebab, you can choose among the boneless lamb or beef as an option. This Iranian dish is treated as one of the most prominent dishes from Dubai.



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Samboosas, almost identical to the Indian Samosas, are savory triangular-shaped pastry appetizers. The main difference is that Emirati samboosas include a local spice mixture called bezar. Samboosas might be filled with potatoes for the vegetarians while others have the options to choose meat, vegetables, and spices. The most famous one in Dubai is uniquely stuffed with high-end cheese. So if you are visiting this Emirate any time soon, the first thing to remember is to make sure you have at least one samboosa while you are in this city.

Arabic Coffee And Dates

Coffee is an important part of Middle Eastern culture. In fact, it is a social ritual of hospitality to serve coffee in these countries. Arabic coffee is called “gahwa,” and it gets blended with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, or saffron to evolve to its best form. Since it is not typical to add sugar to the coffee, it is normally presented with other sweet treats or desserts. For instance, it gets a perfect flavor match with the world famous dates of Dubai. Arabic coffee is served in handle-less cups called “finjān” in small quantities (just enough to cover the bottom of the cup).

Mutton Achar Handi

Mutton Achar Handi is a yummy delicious mutton curry, which has emerged all the way from Pakistan. As soon as you taste this special dish from the menu, it will definitely spark your taste buds. It has a perfect combination of spices and fresh green chilies which will certainly not disappoint. Mutton Achar Handi is served with bread known as naan, and you can enjoy it with your friends and family.



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Lugaimat are small Arabic sweet dough balls. However, these days there are several variations such as the inclusion of Nutella chocolate, honey, regular syrup, date syrup or sesame seeds in the recipe. In any case, they are quite enough to meet your yummy dessert goals. Desserts as lugaimat are prepared in the month of Ramadan and are often enjoyed at the breaking of the fast called Iftar.


Dubai is indeed a food paradise for people who love meat. One of the main meals featuring meat is Nihari. It is a slow-cooked stew of beef or lamb served with bone marrow and spices. This affordable dish is typical of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.


Khubz is a kind of Arabic flatbread which is served with aubergine dip and several others. It originated in Western Asia, and almost any savory food can be eaten in or accompanied by a khubz. If you wish to taste this dish in Dubai, consider buying it from local restaurants or bakeries rather than getting it from departmental stores.

Fish curry


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The UAE is a fully coastal area and provides a lot of seafood options to choose from. The fish curry of Dubai is among the first choices of local seafood lovers. This popular dish is prepared with different tasty, rich sauces and provides the perfect texture and mixture of spices.


This stew will blow your taste buds with its immense taste of meat, cooked with garam masala spices and vegetables. In fact, there are different variations of Margoogat depending on the main ingredient, which could be chicken, lamb or even potatoes. The dish can be tasted in a wide range of restaurants in Dubai starting from the local eateries to the most luxurious hotels in Dubai. Plus it’s a great homemade dish for Ramadan.

In short, we are sure that while reading about such delicious meals, you must have fallen in love with the dishes from Dubai. Dubai shares its land and ocean with people from almost 200 countries, which makes its gastronomy a mix of the best flavors from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. So don’t miss your chance and visit Dubai to try them all.

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