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5 Delicious Halal Foods To Travel For

Last Updated on February 15, 2019

One of the most pleasing things I have ever heard is that one can never act well, stay well, sleep well or enjoy well if they have not dined well. I believe that whoever wrote this knew that there would come a time when people would start searching for new foods and ways of eating that were more respectful of the product, the environment and the method of cooking. And it has come to pass. Halal foods are not just for Muslims only, but they have become a trend worldwide.

TAKEAWAY: “Halal” is the Islamic term used to designate those things that are permissible according to the Quran. So halal foods are those that respect a series of Islamic laws. For example, for meat to be halal, the animal must have been slaughtered under certain conditions. And, of course, pig or anything that comes from it is not halal. Fruit, vegetables, and grains are halal as long as they haven’t been prepared or mixed using forbidden ingredients such as alcohol, blood or animal shortening.

So if you’d like to try the best representatives of this kind of cuisine, here’s a list of some of the yummiest halal foods around the world.

Moroccan Cuisine


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There are many who want to travel this country for the beauty of its landscapes and its fascinating culture. But if you are a foodie, you should want to travel Morocco for its food. Moroccan cuisine is one of the most delicious halal foods in the world, and it will offer you a complete package of flavors. From meat to vegetables there is a full range of Moroccan halal delicacies -such as “Mrouzia” (lamb with raisins, almonds, honey and spices)- to taste. You can also learn to cook some of these dishes because you will surely crave them after getting back home!

Afghan Cuisine


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Afghan cuisine is unique and offers many halal foods. While it doesn’t use as spicy flavors as other Asian, African or Middle Eastern cuisines, it still has an incredibly rich taste. This cuisine is known for the use of rice in many of its dishes, as well as for the popular bread called naan. Afghan foods may have a saltish flavor and the best way to try it is by eating a dish called “Namkeen Gosht” or salted meat. It is a must-try for foodies!

Arab Cuisine

Talking about the best halal cuisines, we couldn’t leave out Arab cuisine. If you really want to eat the best this halal cuisine has to offer, then you have to go for Arabian delights. These popular delights are sold in all the Arab countries, and they are usually made of dough, dates, nuts, spices, and honey. Therefore, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, they are a sweet treat you can’t miss. And don’t forget to buy a box to take back home, you will not find the same delicious flavors anywhere else.

Turkish Cuisine


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Many people are intrigued by Turkey’s history and culture, a perfect meeting point between Europe and Asia. But few people know how this affects traditional Turkish cuisine making for some delicious halal dishes. This halal cuisine offers some of the best meals from the most simple ingredients, such as yogurt. Yogurt is present in many Turkish dishes. One example is “Çılbır” or “sultan eggs,” a traditional meal made of yogurt, poached eggs and oil. This simple halal food was eaten by Ottoman sultans in the 15th century, and still delights the taste buds of those who try it today.

Indian Cuisine

We all know that Indian food has a lot of vegetarian dishes, but it also has great halal cuisine. In fact, if you came to the subcontinent to visit Taj Mahal and never tried the “Biryani”, you are missing on so much. This world-famous dish is slightly different in every place, so you can eat as much biryani as you want and never taste the same flavor profiles twice. That’s why you should make sure your holidays include treating your taste buds with this epic mixture of rice, meat, and spices.

After reviewing these types of halal cuisines, you will have it difficult to choose one destination for your next holidays!

About Aafia Khalid

Aafia Khalid, lives in Leeds, United Kingdom, and is originally from Egypt. She has a love for reading and writing about travel experiences, travel destinations, and the teaching of Islam. She is a writer and contributor for “Muslims Holy Travel”, an online travel service offering Hajj & Umrah Services. In addition, the service offers Halal Holidays for the Muslims of the United Kingdom.

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