Greenmount beach in Coolangatta, on the Gold Coast, featured in our guide to Queensland for foodies and adventurers.

Guide to Queensland For Foodies And Adventurers

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

If you’re itching for a touch of adrenaline in your life or if you can’t wait to try the new foods this amazing world has to offer, grab a map of Australia and check out Queensland. Sure, when asked about adventure and food in Australia, most people automatically think of Sydney and Melbourne, but Queensland is actually the place to be. This guide to Queensland for foodies and adventurers will convince you of how this Australian territory is heaven for everyone. Thanks to its fantastic climate, diverse population and amazing natural beauties, you’re sure to enjoy your visit. So, here are a few things to put on your bucket list.



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The foodie scene is Cairns is rapidly growing and evolving, so make sure to see what’s new and fresh in this buzzing scene. One of the best ways to start your Cairns’ conquest is to grab a cup of coffee—one of Australia’s most beloved drinks. Continue your day at Salt House, one of the most famous restaurants in Cairns. When you combine its amazing seafood and meat cooked on Argentinian grill with its marina location, you’ll get a mixture that’s hard to forget.

For a touch of adventure, check out one of Cairns’ whitewater rafting agencies that will provide you with a fast-paced and wild experience. Hit the Tully River and get ready to tackle its grade three and four rapids! Just remember to bring a change of clothes, because you’ll be soaking wet! Some booking agencies even offer a riverside BBQ lunch to recover your strength.

Port Douglas


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If you’re starting your Queensland adventure from Port Douglas, you’re in for a culinary treat. With the Coral Sea and The Great Barrier Reef, it’s not a surprise that you can find all sorts of amazing seafood restaurants (On The Inlet stands out). From calamari and prawns to oysters and scallops, Port Douglas will give you some of the freshest seafood in the world. If you see the Catch of the Day offer at restaurants, just know that it never disappoints! Plus, North Queensland is famous for delicious beef, so there’s really something for everyone.

Once you’re full, it’s time for an underwater adventure (but make sure to wait for an hour before plunging in). Take a trip to Osprey Reef where you’ll get the chance to see sharks up close and personal. Grab some quality scuba diving gear and get ready to swim surrounded by dozens of sharks and a plethora of tropical fish. If the thought makes you tremble in your wetsuit, don’t worry. With good gear and proper safety measures, you’ll be perfectly safe!

Gold Coast


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Gold Coast’s food scene went from tacky to amazing very fast. So, now it’s booming with everything from street food to fine dining. If you want to enjoy the Gold Coast best restaurants, make sure you visit Miami Marketta, a unique laneway dining experience. It’s always beaming with life with packed tables, food vendors making crispy karaage chicken, open-flame nachos and other delights you’re sure to love. The place is also rich with mixologists whipping up tropical drinks and live bands adding to its great atmosphere. If you’re into fine dining, check out Rick Shores focusing on fresh and locally-sourced products. Make sure to try their charred Wagyu that will melt in your mouth.

TAKEAWAY: Wagyu beef or “the most expensive beef in the world” is famous for its fatty marbling and the careful way each cow is treated, fed and tended to.

On the adventure front, try Movie World, that’s home to the tallest, longest and fastest rollercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere. The 1.4 kilometers of falls, twists, and turns will make you hold onto your socks! But, if you survive the ride, you’ll surely want to go again.



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Greatly understated, the food scene of Brisbane is nothing but great. The streets of Brisbane’s CBD are sprinkled with all kinds of cafes, while you might want to visit West End for bohemian brunch spots. Paddington, on the other hand, is filled with amazing eateries if you prefer to shop on a full stomach.

When you’re all full, it’s time to burn some calories with surfing. Take an easy drive to Noosa, a go-to area for surfers of all levels. If you have experience with surfing, you’ll have a great time hitting the swells, but if you’re new to the whole shebang, you can take a class, and you’ll be riding your board in no time.

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