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Where to Find the Best Organic Food in Brisbane

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

If you’re an avid healthy eater, you know the struggle of going out, looking at the menu and realizing that everything on it is overly processed and gross. You’ve also found yourself in the healthy food section at a grocery store that has exactly five items you’d consider eating. However, if you live in Brisbane, you’re one lucky healthy foodie! This city has a huge variety of amazing markets, restaurants and dessert places that will leave your tummy full of organic treats that will wow all of your senses. Read on to find out the best places to get organic food in Brisbane!

Northey Street Market


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If you’re an aspiring cook, every visit to The Northey Street Market will be a real treat. It’s truly one of the best food markets in Australia and the ultimate organic heaven where all stall holders need an organic certification to display their products. Aside from organic fruit and veggies, this weekly market also offers a chance to stock up on everything from organic bread to organic candles. Plus, it’s also a great place to pick up a fresh Kombucha tea or even get an invigorating massage!

TAKEAWAY: Kombucha tea is making serious waves in foodie circles, but how much do you really know about this concoction? Well, Kombucha tea is made from a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) aka ‘the mother or mushroom.’ Despite being called tea, it tastes nothing like tea at all! It’s quite sour and a bit stinky (an acquired taste for some) but full of good-for-you cultures. Most people also claim that it has an unusually addictive taste if you manage to take a second sip.

At Your Doorstep

Today, you don’t even need to get outside to get your healthy food fix when staying in Brisbane, especially if you’re looking for tasty snacks. Just order your organic food online and wait until your goodies arrive directly to your door. You can get everything from organic baked goods and oils to delicious snacks and beverages. The internet is truly a lifesaver for all of us busy bees who are not satisfied with simple pizza delivery!


If stores are more your thing, make sure to head to Paddington and check out Fundies. It’s one of Brisbane’s most popular destinations for organic shoppers, and it’s filled top to bottom with certified produce. They also have super qualified staff to help you with your food choice which makes it a great place for all people who are just getting into organic food and clean eating. You can also rest between your shopping sessions in their café. The menu changes every day and their dishes run out pretty fast, so make sure to come in early. You won’t go wrong with any menu item, but their eggplant soups, lasagnas, and moussakas are finger-licking good.

Newstead Organics


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Newstead Organics is an amazing grocery store and café, but the main element that makes them so popular is their staff. They employ experienced naturopaths and nutritionists who will ensure you get just the right products for your health needs. One-on-one consolations will help you kick-start your new lifestyle but also offer fresh ideas for seasoned organic eaters.

The Meat-ting Place

You don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan to enjoy organic produce. Check out The Meat-ting Place, an organic butchery that sells meats directly from the producers. You’ll have a wide variety of fantastic meats from free-range pork to grass-fed beef all from Australia. But, there’s so much more The Meat-ting Place provides to its customers than just organic meats. For instance, you can find nitrate-free hams, gluten-free sausages and even exotic meats from Australian farms. It’s truly heaven for all conscious carnivores!

The Green Edge


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If you’re looking for tasty vegan and vegetarian meals, book a table at The Green Edge. It serves the best ethical and environmentally-friendly dishes and products that show you how easy it actually is to be a vegan in today’s busy world. So, if you’re unsure whether to make this lifestyle shift, The Green Edge will definitely help you decide in favor of veganism or vegetarianism. But, regardless of your dietary choices, this place is surely worth visiting.

Nodo Donuts

If you have a sweet tooth that requires to be satisfied regularly, put Nodo Donuts high on your places-to-visit list. Everything (literally everything) they serve is gluten-free AND super tasty AND aesthetically-pleasing. Thanks to their soufflé hotcakes with yuzu marmalade and their brisket cheeseburgers with extra tender slow-cooked brisket and organic cheese, there’s a chance that the staff will have to carry you out of this heavenly establishment. But, no matter how full you are, don’t let them shoo you away before you get their famous sugar- and gluten-free donuts. Seriously, people travel from all over Brisbane and wider to get a box of these doughy treats.

All in all, Brisbane has your back (and your stomach) when it comes to organic food, and it will only get better and better in the future. Between markets, restaurants and delivery services, you’ll have no issues maintaining your healthy lifestyle while in this wonderful city.

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