How to choose wifi for your vacation rentals

How to choose wifi for your vacation rentals

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

If you have saved some money and invested it into a property for short-term rental, then this is for you. As a property manager, you probably know that having a Short-term rental software can make your life easier when it comes to managing your reservations. Keep on reading to work out how to choose the best wifi for your vacation rentals and other useful tips to optimize your vacation rental investment.

Using a channel manager

channel manager, which is included in the software, can help you maximize your revenue by synchronizing your calendars as well as your content on all channels where your property is listed. The Vacation rental management system can also make sure you avoid double-booking across different channels, as your calendars are synchronized across platforms. They can also help automate communication with guests and processing payments. Furthermore, they can help with automate rates and set occupancy rules by defining base rates and adding margins to it, depending on the channel. In addition, they can set minimum and maximum stays according to the season, the demand or the channel itself.

The vacation rental website

Vacation rental website can offer you a wider reach to more guests, including a direct booking engine and the latest digital marketing techniques. In fact, having a custom-branded vacation rental website for your property can boost revenue and profit with direct bookings, as you can save on aggressive OTA fees if you manage to get direct bookings. You can also use SEO and marketing tools to direct and increase traffic to your rental website, setting your own competitive pricing and being able to upsell on extra services. The software can help you communicate with guests in up to 10 different languages and allowing them to book online in just three simple clicks. Furthermore, you can launch promotion campaigns and push recommended properties to increase reservations. By integrating your social media channels, you will strengthen your brand visibility and will manage to establish your presence in the sector, increasing customer review and building trust.

Your payments will be secure and handled easily using the latest technology, able to integrate with more than 10 different payment gateways, always ensuring compliance with ready-to-export reports and data. The platform also offers robust onboarding resources and continuous support through training videos so that you can get up to speed quickly.

Wifi in your vacation rental

Providing wifi as a service in your vacation rental property is out of question, as it has become an indispensable must-have when people go on holiday. It is, according to Airbnb, one of the most sought-after amenities, so having it will give you a better listing on all booking platforms. If you offer wifi, your target audience will grow massively as your property can appeal to more guests, not just those travelling to relax but also those who travel from abroad and do not have access to internet on their phones, as well as those who want to research activities in the area or things to do, and also those who work from remote locations.

You can also create a digital Guest welcome book including essential information on the property but also on the area, so that your guests have a pleasant stay. This can be accessed easily using wifi. Once you install your wifi network, you can connect to a full-featured channel manager, allowing you to manage your booking channels smoothly and efficiently. In order to help your guests connect to the wifi network more easily, you can generate a QR code that guests can scan to access the internet.

We hope you become a successful property manager with these tips!

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