10 Reasons To Visit Reston

10 Reasons To Visit Reston

Last Updated on July 28, 2023

Reston, Virginia offers residents a unique and vibrant lifestyle. We will share with you ten great reason to visit Reston.

Situated in Fairfax County, Reston boasts a perfect balance of suburban tranquility and urban convenience. With its well-planned neighborhoods, abundant green spaces, and a wide range of recreational activities, Reston has become a sought-after destination for those seeking a comfortable and enriching community to call home.

Is Reston, VA, a good place to live? Living in Reston, VA provides residents with a multitude of advantages. The town’s well-designed neighborhoods offer a variety of housing options, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for a cozy single-family home or a modern apartment, Reston has things to do always. The community’s commitment to preserving green spaces is evident throughout the town, with numerous parks, trails, and nature reserves available for residents to enjoy. From leisurely strolls along the scenic pathways to engaging in outdoor sports and picnics in the park, Reston offers ample opportunities for residents to connect with nature and lead an active lifestyle.

1. Parks

Scenic beauty and recreational opportunities

Reston boasts breathtaking natural beauty, with an abundance of parks that provide picturesque landscapes and a tranquil escape from city life  so you have a lot of fun things to do in Reston. From sprawling green fields to serene lakes and ponds, the parks in Reston offer a rejuvenating experience for residents of all ages.

Variety of parks and green spaces

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful walk, a picnic spot, or a place for recreational activities, Reston has a park for every occasion. From the expansive Lake Fairfax Park to the serene beauty of the Walker Nature Center, you’ll find a diverse range of parks and green spaces to explore and enjoy.

2. Education

Highly ranked schools

Reston takes pride in its excellent education system, with highly ranked public and private schools that provide top-notch academic programs and a supportive learning environment. Students in Reston have access to quality education, setting them up for success in their future endeavors.

Access to prestigious universities

In addition to outstanding K-12 education, Reston residents have the advantage of being in close proximity to renowned universities and colleges. This proximity offers unique opportunities for continuing education, research collaborations, and cultural enrichment.

3. Cultural Scene

Vibrant arts and cultural scene

Reston is a hub of creativity and artistic expression, with a vibrant arts and cultural scene that enriches the lives of its residents. From art galleries and theaters to music festivals and cultural events, there’s always something exciting happening in Reston’s cultural landscape.

Diverse community events

Reston’s diverse population celebrates its multiculturalism through a wide array of community events. From food festivals showcasing cuisines from around the world to cultural performances and parades, Reston offers a rich tapestry of experiences that foster a sense of unity and belonging among its residents.

4. Job Market

Growing tech industry

Reston has emerged as a thriving hub for the technology sector, with numerous tech companies and startups establishing their presence in the area. The booming tech industry provides abundant job opportunities and attracts talented professionals looking to make their mark in this dynamic field.

Proximity to major business hubs

Reston’s strategic location near major business hubs, including Washington, D.C., and the Dulles Technology Corridor, enhances its job market prospects. Residents have access to a wide range of industries, including finance, consulting, healthcare, and government, opening up diverse career paths.

5. Outdoor Activities

Extensive trail system and outdoor activities

For nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, Reston offers an extensive trail system that meanders through lush forests, serene lakes, and picturesque landscapes. Residents can enjoy activities like hiking, biking, jogging, and birdwatching, immersing themselves in the beauty of the surrounding natural environment.

Access to nearby lakes and rivers

Beyond the trails, Reston’s proximity to nearby lakes and rivers provides opportunities for water-based activities such as boating, fishing, and kayaking. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful day on the water or an adrenaline-filled adventure, Reston caters to a variety of outdoor interests.

6. Safety

Low crime rates

Reston is renowned for its commitment to safety, boasting consistently low crime rates compared to national averages. The well-designed community layout and strong community engagement contribute to creating a secure environment where residents can feel at ease.

Well-planned community

Reston’s thoughtful planning and design principles prioritize the well-being of its residents. The community features well-maintained infrastructure, well-lit streets, and pedestrian-friendly pathways, ensuring a comfortable and safe living experience for all.

7. Family-Friendly Environment

Family-friendly amenities

Reston understands the importance of catering to families’ needs and offers a wide range of family-friendly amenities. From playgrounds and recreational facilities to community centers and swimming pools, there’s always something for families to enjoy together.

Abundance of playgrounds and parks

Reston’s commitment to providing a family-friendly environment is evident in its abundant playgrounds and parks. Children can explore and play in safe, well-maintained spaces, fostering their physical and social development.

8. Recreation

Sports facilities and clubs

Reston embraces a culture of active living, offering an array of sports facilities and clubs catering to various interests. Whether you’re a tennis enthusiast, a golf lover, or a fitness enthusiast, Reston has options to keep you engaged and active.

Golf courses and country clubs

Golf enthusiasts will find themselves at home in Reston, with its picturesque golf courses and country clubs offering an exceptional golfing experience. The well-manicured fairways and breathtaking views make for an enjoyable day on the greens.

9. Dining

Wide range of culinary options

Reston’s culinary scene is a gastronomic delight, featuring a diverse array of restaurants and eateries. From global cuisine to local favorites, residents can indulge in a wide range of culinary experiences that cater to every palate.

Farm-to-table experiences

For those seeking a farm-to-table dining experience, Reston’s proximity to nearby farms and farmers’ markets allows residents to savor fresh, locally sourced ingredients. This emphasis on sustainable and organic food options enhances the overall dining experience.

10. Location

Proximity to Washington, D.C.

Reston’s location just outside the bustling metropolis of Washington, D.C. offers residents the best of both worlds. They can enjoy the serenity and charm of Reston while being within easy reach of the nation’s capital, with its rich history, iconic landmarks, and cultural attractions.

Easy access to transportation

Reston’s well-connected transportation infrastructure makes commuting and traveling a breeze. With convenient access to major highways, including the Dulles Toll Road and I-66, as well as the Washington Dulles International Airport, residents have seamless connectivity to regional and international destinations.


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