Real estate in Dubai Hills 

Real estate in Dubai Hills 

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

To buy flats in Dubai Hills for expats is a fantastic long-term investment. The first property was implemented with satisfied responses from new homeowners. “We hope to make even more families and investors happy.” – Samuel Dawson, developer project participant.

The Dubai Hills real estate market includes luxury villas, townhouses, and apartments in modern mid-rise complexes. It attracts investors and migrants with landscaped parks and gardens, developed infrastructure, and high profitability of residential properties. 

Consider the best sub-communities for buying a home in Dubai Hills.


Maple is one of the sub-communities of Dubai Hills, offering a wide range of luxury 3-5 bedroom townhouses. Favorable prices and a convenient payment plan allowed this project to attract both investors and end users.

This sub-community gained popularity immediately after the introduction and continues to thrive now. Investors rent out local residential properties and earn high returns. 

Maple properties are spacious and ideal for family living. The sub-community is built on the western side of the Dubai Hills, within walking distance of the Dubai Hills Estate Park and Mall. Schools and hospitals are close at hand, and the overall location provides a safe and comfortable environment for raising children.


Sidra is an independent cottage community. It consists of over 500 villas and is the cornerstone of Dubai Hills. The sub-community sits just above the Maple so that locals can access the Dubai Hills Estate Mall.

The infrastructure of Sidra also includes a cinema, a hypermarket, playgrounds, etc. Therefore, this place is another great option for couples with children and people who appreciate a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Club Villas 

Club Villas is one of the most interesting projects in Dubai Hills. It is located on the east side of the area, close to the golf course and the building belonging to the golf club. When designing the 3- and 4-bedroom villas, the architects used the space on their rooftops as a cozy veranda that offers a picturesque view of the city beach. 

Club Villas also stands out from other sub-communities of Dubai Hills with attractive prices and flexible payment schedules. This is a great option for people on an average budget looking to purchase a high-class villas in Dubai.

How to choose an apartment 

It all depends on the purpose of the purchase. 

You should look for housing for rent in coastal areas – for example, Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. At the same time, you are more likely to rent out housing at a profit and receive 7% per annum if it has a view and has no more than two rooms. Indonesia and Thailand have similar rules. 

You should look for resale apartments in undervalued areas such as Business Bay, Al Jaddaf, and Nad Al Sheba First. They occupy advantageous locations in proximity to water and major tourist attractions.

However, they still need to be fully developed in terms of infrastructure. Therefore, housing here is cheaper than in the hottest locations in Dubai (for example, Downtown).

But as new residential complexes, schools, and transport hubs appear, housing prices here will grow to 25% per year in the next three years. 

The average cost of housing in Business Bay is AED 1,500,000, and in the adjacent Downtown – AED 3,099,999.

What issues could you face?

There are no particular difficulties, but you must remember that there is an American (British) system for registering ownership of any property in Dubai.

The first type is “freehold,” i.e., The owner can dispose of the property as he pleases. You can sell, change and, donate, transfer as an inheritance without restrictions. There are several such zones in the Emirates, and they are well known.

The second type is “leasehold” or long-term lease ownership (up to 99 years inclusive). There are restrictions here – you can’t give it as a gift, pass it on by inheritance, etc. 

Another important point is that in the Emirates, there are quarters of compact residents of citizens and foreigners of various nationalities. Before making a final purchase decision, it is necessary to carefully study the area in terms of how suitable certain cultural traditions and customs of future neighbors will be.

Buying property in Dubai Hills

Luxury properties built in the best sub-communities of Dubai Hills have been featured in the Emirates Estate aggregator.

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