Food Packaging Ideas for Travelers

5 Great Food Packaging Ideas for Travelers

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Packing food with you while you travel is essential, in particular, when you are going to travel for a long period. One of the main reasons for packing foods includes vulnerability to food allergy or sensitivity or fear of food poisoning. It is, then, essential to pack home-made food instead of eating from local restaurants. In contrast, when you travel with kids, they become hungry no matter the time. Thus, in such scenarios, having your own food with you can be life-saving. More importantly, travelers require mindful food packaging to retain the food’s freshness for a long time. Keep reading for some food packaging ideas for travelers.

1. Keep No or Fewer Perishables

Having fresh produce and other perishable items is insensible, particularly when you are going to travel for many days. Why? Of course, such food items expire or lose their freshness in lesser time than other available options. Pondering over other available food options to keep with you while traveling? They can be nuts, hard candies, crackers, pretzels, chips, dried fruit, granola bars, and other energy bars.

2. Choose the Food Containers Sensibly

Luckily, there are numerous options available to contain the foods safely while traveling. Not only food containers come in different sizes but also in various shapes too to pack smartly. Let’s talk about the snack stacks that are basically multi-compartments container to place different snacks in one place. The stacks in such containers make them an ideal snack container for kids who want to eat a variety of snacks. In addition to being handy, they are pocket-friendly as well.

Additionally, it is a sensible approach not to keep any glass container in your baggage as it is easily breakable, thus, can be harmful. Not only the container can break easily with a sudden jerk of the vehicle, but the food item will also get wasted that it is kept inside it. Moreover, it is heavy in weight so you cannot easily carry it everywhere. A great alternative is using lay-flat pouch packaging. These come in a variety of sizes and designs allowing room for your food to fit in perfectly without the risk of spilling.

3. Ziploc Bags Are Handier and Safer

Ziploc bags come in very handy, very cost-effective as well as a safer option to preserve the food items for a long time. Adding to it, they offer extreme durability and resistance against harsh weather conditions which makes them a preferable option for travelers. They prevent the food from catching bad odor, dirt, moisture or air as they are re-sealable.

Furthermore, Ziploc bags are extremely lightweight so can be effortlessly carried to almost anywhere as you travel. This feature also allows them to occupy less space in the luggage which is what makes them easily transportable.

Another feature that makes them more suitable for food packaging is that they offer visibility of the food item inside of them. In this way, it becomes easier to pick up the snacks your kids are asking for during the middle of your journey. On the whole, they are ideal to preserve the integrity of the beverage or food they contain.

In order to increase food’s shelf-life, you should consider product packaging if you are going to travel for weeks or months. Instead of wasting those perfectly designed food packaging, you can reuse them to store and carry food in a safer way.

4. Take Plenty of Drinking Water

Starving for hours in the middle of your journey can be frightening. One may survive without food for seven days but going thirsty for only three days can cause death. Therefore, carrying drinking water in sufficient amounts while traveling is highly essential.

Although you can purchase clean drinking water or refill the bottles while traveling, it can be unhealthy. So, to serve this purpose, keep plenty of bottled water with you. Or you can carry handy and portable water purifiers with you.

5. Pay Heed to The Bag Too


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Bear in mind that keeping all the food items in the same bag is convenient. However, don’t neglect the condition of the bag in which you are going to keep your food containers and water bottles. It should be in good condition without any collapsed bottom or ripped handle or damaged zipper.

Nobody wants to get sick particularly when going out to spend holidays or make a tour of new places. Therefore, it is also equally essential to keep a sanitizer with you while traveling. You are going to eat out many times during your journey so make sure you always eat with clean hands.

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