6 Best Subscription Boxes for Hikers

6 Best Subscription Boxes for Hikers

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

A true hiker understands the endurance that hiking requires, and having the right gear at your disposal will make your time more enjoyable. Taking a long walk on rough, hilly, and wild terrains requires a good amount of preparation.

Finding the best subscription box service from the vast options available in the highly competitive industry is a lot of work. The hiking gear market is an estimated $12.24 billion. And with the market projected to grow more than any outdoor sports by 2060, many brands outperform competitors by providing the best outdoor gear.

This list is a compilation of the top six brands to get the best hiking subscription box service.

1. Battlbox


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Founded by outdoor veterans like Daniel Dabbs from Netflix’s Southern Survival Show, Battlbox delivers premium adventure supplies, emergency gears, survival tools, and gadgets to outdoor enthusiasts.

Besides hiking, this top-rated subscription box is ideal for camping, fishing, backpacking, or even daily carry. If you’re a hunter or knife enthusiast looking to get the best hiking subscription box, Battlbox prepares you for anything.

Each item offered by Battlbox is typically name-brand, such as Baston Gear, Speed Cinch, Murphy’s, Exotac, Zippo, ReadyMan, and more. Subscribers receive survival essentials such as:

  • Mosquito sticks pack
  • EDC Utility wallet
  • Fire sleeve
  • Campfire starter
  • EDC folder
  • Camp spork
  • Camp stove set
  • Survival knives

2. Crate Club

There are not many subscription services that offer the expertise of outdoor veterans like the Crate Club. While the experts work behind the scene, Crate Club subscribers receive high-end tools and accessories. It is not uncommon to find medical kits, sunglasses, gun accessories, and similar survival gear. Crate Club offers three crates subscriptions, Lieutenant, Captain, and General, to choose from based on your experience level and budget.

The subscription box, for starters, is Lieutenant, which includes EDC, self-defense, survival tools, and more. Lieutenant costs $49.99 every three months and $179.99 per year. More experienced adventurers use Captain crate, which costs $99.99 every three months and has med-kits, tools, self-defense gear, and more. It costs $359.99 for a full-year subscription. Seasoned adventurers use General crate with more sophisticated tools and equipment like a bulletproof bag, medical kits, advanced tactical tools, and more.

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3. Nomadik

Nomadik is a big brand that offers some of the world’s most renowned outdoor brands like Men’s Journal and the Red Bulletin. Nomadik delivers premium quality items that you can tailor to your hiking interest or other adventures. Each box features a hero product, three other main items, motivational items, and more. In addition, each item in the subscription box links to the theme of the particular package.

Nomadik offers a flexible payment method that subscribers can cancel anytime. This subscription box only lets its customers pay for what it ships. Nomadik provides a $149.99 quarterly subscription plan and three monthly plans.

4. Cairn (Outside)

Cairn delivers subscription boxes with a specific theme that you can customize to your choice. Adventure gear, premium tools, consumables, and survival gears are items usually included in the box. It is now a company under Outside Magazine after the publisher acquired it in 2021.

Cairn Subscribers may choose a service plan from four categories. The service plans are three monthly collection packages and one obsidian package. In the first monthly plan, each subscriber pays $34.99 per month. The second plan is $197.94, delivered twice a year. The third monthly plan costs $383.88 per year, while subscribers to the Obsidian Collection package get $249.95 per quarter.

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5. SCOUTbox


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SCOUTbox is today one of the most promising subscription box services out there. What started as a partnership between two Eagle Scout brothers, Chris and Will, is fast growing into an industry mainstay. Each month has unique outdoor items like hiking accessories, something to snack on, lightweight tools, motivational books, guides, etc.

SCOUTbox offers quality retail items at excellent prices in three subscription plans. Each plan ensures customers receive more than they are paying. The shipping is also always free. For a monthly subscription, subscribers pay $40.00. Subscribers pay $114.00 for three months prepayment plan that renews every quarter. For a six-month plan, renewing every six months, the payment is $210.00.

6. Mountain Hunter

Whatever terrain you plan on hiking, you can get ready like a pro with mountain Hunter. The subscription service makes it hassle-free to find the best quality hiking gear designed to take you through the most challenging times on the road.

The payment plan is in three packages, a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time and two commitment subscription plans. Although subscribers pay subscription monthly, the commitment is for 6months or one year. The option to cancel these plans becomes available in the sixth and twelfth months, respectively. The first plan is $54.99, while the two commitment plans are $49.99 ($299.95) and $47.99 ($575.99).


The dream subscription box service for a hiker is the one that delivers healthy consumables to boost energy, a source of motivation like a guide or book, survival gears, tools, health and beauty care products, etc. This list provides the best subscription box deals for outdoor exploration, from the very best down.

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