Enjoying The Texas Culinary Revolution

Enjoying The Texas Culinary Revolution

Last Updated on February 17, 2023

Texas sits at the crossroads of half a dozen cultures and has an incredible food scene to show for it. Tex-Mex is the state flagbearer, but as The Express News highlights, several staples ranging from pecan pie to chicken steak and corn dogs all call Texas their home. The shore provides plentiful seafood, agricultural kingdoms grain and cereal and, of course, the ranches of Texas have created some of the greatest beef available anywhere in the world. Modern Texas is once again revolutionizing the way it eats – to the delight of travelers.

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The ranch revival


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The ranch sits at the heart of Texan culture and is experiencing something of a renaissance. Land vendors such as TexasLand and Longhorn Realty have experienced a huge surge in ranch sales over the past few years, and that’s being matched with a general resurgence in interest over ranch cooking. The joy of ranch cooking is its simplicity. The quality of the food is excellent, and only technique and passion is needed to craft good meals. This idiosyncratic way of preparing food is making waves not just in Texas but further afield. The San Francisco Chronicle has charted the irresistible rise of Texan kitchens in California, with other states enjoying that simple but delicious food trend.

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Time-honored Tex-Mex


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As Hispanic culture mag Abasto highlights, Mexican influence in Texan cooking has been a factor ever since it was created as a republic within Texas. Tex-Mex, the fusion of American ingredients and standards with Mexican hallmarks, has long been the staple regime when it comes to ‘Mexican’ cooking the world over. Once again, this cuisine is now developing with a certain authentic slant. The inclusion of classic Mexican ingredients and cooking techniques above the adaptations of the Tex-Mex cuisine is driving forward change in the wider Tex-Mex food scene globally and creating a more authentic version of older staples.

Unearthing the past


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According to Austin 360, a new documentary is helping to bring older elements of Texan cooking to the fore. While the state is well-known for Tex-Mex and convenience food, there are certain products, such as venison, nopales and mesquite that are just as much a part of the culture as anything else. This is nodding to a new cuisine trend in Texas, but one that is in many ways visiting the old – re-embracing old Texan traditions. Venison and nopales in particular are an ancient and rustic food, something eaten and enjoyed by hunter-gatherers who worked off the land in a sustainable way. That’s a message for the positivity of Texan cuisine as something delicious, but also something appropriate and helpful for the more eco-conscious and sustainable modern world.

Texan cuisine is modern and enjoyable yet, in changing itself to adapt to the demands of the new world, has shown it’s always had pedigree. Texan cooking, and Texan cuisine, has its roots in some of the most sustainable and time-honored food traditions anywhere in the country.

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