6 Reasons to Visit Perth, West coast of Australia

6 Reasons to Visit Perth, West coast of Australia

Last Updated on October 7, 2022

Perth is the most remote town on the west coast of Australia, lying between the Indian Ocean and the Equatorial Plains. There are so many things to do and see that you will want to explore all of them. You might want to visit the local museums and galleries to gain an impression of the city’s cultural centre. Or go to the neighbouring beaches after a long day to unwind.

Well, if you’re around Perth and looking to create memories, Perth could just be your place. But with so many other options around, you may get second thoughts about visiting the city. Well, don’t let that happen. Here are six reasons to visit Perth next time you are in the west coast of Australia. Take a look. 

1. You’ll Enjoy The Delicacies!


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There are many new bars in the city centre of Perth, most of which are ideal for drinking before dining. The Aviary is renowned for hosting the fashionable crowd on William Street. The Hula Bula is great for the vintage-inspired atmosphere at Victoria Ave.

For cocktails and snacks, you can go to Helvetica on Howard’s Lane. Every Wednesday, you can attend the live music at Llama Bar in Sabi.

2. Hangouts


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Meet your friends together at Kings Park and enjoy the warm summer evenings. It is Moonlight Cinema that shows new and classic films throughout the summer months. At any time of year, you may have fun in the enormous Kings Park. Its stunning views of the River and the city and World War 1 Memorial are popular with residents as a lunch getaway.

3. The Wow Beaches!


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The beaches of Australia are a treat worth relishing. The West Coasters are much more fortunate. They have access to beaches of white sand and the Indian Ocean. Situated in Perth’s suburbs, Cottesloe is the beloved beach in West Australia.

For families, this is a safe place. While you are waiting for sunset, either you may have a towel on the beach and picnic amongst the trees, or you can relax in a bar.

Trigg Beach is a great place for surfers, located farther north near Sorrento. It has sumptuous water but is also an excellent destination for day-trippers. This beach is quieter and not so busy as Cottesloe, so knowledgeable guests may stop by.

4. Culture Rich


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The Western Australia Museum is located in central Perth’s Cultural Centre. It is an important cultural organization. 

To get to know the culture or legends of the native people, and if you are interested in other ethnicities. Try visiting the Diamond and Dinosaurs display, the Dampier Marine and Mammal Gallery exhibitions. One should definitely spend an hour at the Western Australian Art Gallery while you are at the cultural hub. Perth’s free CAT bus provides easy access to the gallery. 

This is a fantastic site to visit collections of modern art and discover what Australian artists are doing. The realm of aboriginal art can also be explored.

5. Treat for Wildlife


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The Perth Zoo houses more than 160 species from across the world and is a treat for animal lovers.

The zoo allows you to learn more about wildlife and flora through seminars, demonstrations and experiences with animals. A highlight of Perth’s event schedule is the summer event season of the zoo. A short boat journey to the island of Rottnest, 19 kilometres from Perth, will provide you furry pleasure. The quokka is home to a nice little mammal that looks much like a kangaroo, roughly the same dimensions as a household cat.

Exploring the island’s gorgeous beaches with cycling, walking and sailing trips is termed amazing by the tourists. You may also enjoy snorkelling and golf on the island.

6. The City Offers The Thrill

If you’re an adrenaline rush person, Perth is for you. You can participate in various motocross and enduro events. Heck, you can even go solo off riding! All you need is a good bike and protective gear. You can get them easily from MXstore if you don’t have them already. 

So, which activity from the list above do you think will excite you the most? Let us know in the comments. 


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