7 Super Fun activities to do while traveling solo to Europe

7 Super Fun activities to do while traveling solo to Europe

Last Updated on September 5, 2023

Out of numerous exciting places around the globe, Europe is probably the most diverse, fun, and eclectic place to go to when you are on a solo travel expedition. Europe has a plethora of hidden gems, remarkable monuments, vivid and rich history, mouth-watering foods, and safe and secure cities that will make your stay educational, fun, and complete. Those who aim to travel solo in Europe are undoubtedly up for an amazing and adventurous time as there are plenty of organized, lucrative, and worthwhile cities that will make you come back for more. To help you maximize the solo time you have on your Europe trip, here are some fun and flabbergasting activities you simply must do once you have set your mind to travel to this continent. Read on!

1. Hop on a train

When traveling solo, your goal is to see as many things as you can without breaking your budget and getting stranded in some remote and far-off city. Hence, the best possible way to explore Europe is by train. Almost all European countries are perfectly connected via train, precisely 33 countries, plus they have a mutual Eurail pass which gives you a unique opportunity to travel throughout national and interesting lines at cheaper fares. Depending on your destination, a single ticket may last from 20 to 50 Euros. Countries such as Germany, Austria, Spain, and France have fantastically equipped fast trains that will make your total experience even greater.

2. Spend a day embracing the cultures

Europe’s utterly versatile! From numerous languages, dialects, customs, and food options, a person can easily get entangled in an abundance of activities. Embrace your solo trip by spending some time embracing those cultures and customs. For instance, German people love to gamble and play casino games, so you could order beer at a local pub and bet on some exciting casino games here, and earn some money while traveling. Slovak people love to be in the outdoors, so you could take a break and have a picnic at some chill Bratislava’s park, or if you are in Greece have an afternoon nap just as locals do. All those cultural items help you immerse in people and nations.

3. Attend a sprucing festival

Going to a sprucing music festival in Europe is probably what solo travel is about. Some of the most renowned music artists tour around European countries, therefore attending festivals or some other fun events will surely be an unforgettable adventure. Go from Nova Rock in Austria to Tomorrowland in Belgium as festivals compress the best in Europe. You get the chance to meet the people. Try local delights, ride the iconic Ferris wheel, and dance the night away.

4. Check the Czech

One of the most extravagant cities to visit in Europe is Prague. Numerous solo travelers have reported that the Czech Republic is one of the most lucrative and fun cities to visit. First of all, the central European location enables you to easily approach other cities via train, secondly, it’s utterly charming. The dazzling Bohemian flair of Prague with its amazing bridges, castles, and monuments such as the 600-year-old Astronomical Clock Tower makes it an irrevocable destination for solo travels. Let’s not forget to mention that besides the fairytale-like center, there are plenty of medieval pubs and clubs awaiting you to try out classic Czech drinks such as absinthe.

5. Taste the romance

Paris is undeniably one-of-a-kind European city. From the history, culture, language, food, and environment, this vast city is also the best destination for those solo travelers seeking love and romance. Even though it may sound like a cliche, if you aren’t looking for something serious, you must visit the city that thrives in romance-inspired vibes. From the charming Eiffel tower to other vivacious corner bars packed with local French people drinking evening glasses of fine wine, this city is ready to sweep you off your feet.

6. Go on a food tour

From the very far south of the Mediterranean sea to Norway’s borders, Europe’s diversity and uniqueness are what allure millions of travelers each year. Hence, more and more people hop on a solo travel adventure so they can taste and experience all the amazing things that this continent has installed for its visitors. One such thing is the food. From east to west, north to south, there are so many delicious food choices you ought to put on your bucket list. Special potato dumplings in Poland, tzatziki in Greece, baklava in Turkey, paella in Spain, sausages in Germany, the list is endless. When you arrive in a new country, contact the local guide and go on a food tour to taste and learn about local specialties.

7. Be brave

When solo traveling the key is to collect memories and experience. Besides taking pictures, take time to collect feelings. Be courageous and try something new. If there has always been something that you wanted to give a go but never had the chance, now is the time to do it. Whether it’s going zip lining, riding a hot air balloon in the magical Cappadocia, snorkeling in Italy, or rock climbing in the Alps, don’t hesitate.

Europe has so much more installed for solo travelers, however, the above-mentioned things are the most interesting activities everyone must experience once in a lifetime.

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