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3 Reasons Why Visiting Alaska is the Sweetest Escape

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

There are times when you want to be elsewhere. You imagine living in a quieter place and taking a slower pace in life. Eventually, you brush the thought off your brain because there is no way you can move to a new place and restart again, especially if you’re just tired and not necessarily unhappy. Have you thought about visiting Alaska?

You don’t have to move into a new town to achieve the peace you need. Albeit momentarily, a much-needed rest can help you recharge and face the life you built in the city you’re in. A weekend off is a good idea, but what’s better is a long-term vacation that will clear your mind. Perhaps, then, you can come up with the answer if you truly need to restart again somewhere else.

The next step is finding a destination that will suit your requirements. A place where you can slow down, breathe, and think. Before you cross off Alaska on your list of probable destinations, think again. True enough, the state is known for activities that fathers and uncles enjoy but not particularly a young professional like you. But beyond the tropes, Alaska has the characteristics that will help you become attuned to what truly matters in life. Before you know it, you might find yourself on a halibut fishing trip in Alaska.

Here are reasons why you should go to Alaska for your much-needed long-term vacation:

1. Be astounded by the northern lights.


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Based on some tales, winter in Alaska might discourage you, but it’s nothing that a proper winter attire can’t fix. Winter is still a popular time to visit for this reason alone: the northern lights. There’s no better way to appreciate the moment than witnessing the glorious aurora borealis. It is one of the sights that every person must see in their lifetime.

If that isn’t enough, there are winter activities that you might find enjoyable, such as the sled dog race, annual outhouse race, and running of the reindeer. On top of that, you can spend weeks there because winter means lower rates on everything, from car rentals to accommodations.

2. You will find the accommodations that make you feel at home

You have the option to have a long-term stay in single accommodation or experience multiple accommodations. Whichever your choice is, visiting Alaska has everything to suit your needs, such as bed and breakfast, cabins, campgrounds, wilderness lodges, hostels, and motels.

People have different definitions of peace. Remember your purpose for going. Choose which one will make you feel most at home.

3. The activities will force you to slow down.


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From one activity to another, when visiting Alaska you have the option to drive around or catch a motorcoach. The difference is, your destination is not work. You can catch the beauty of the surroundings, an activity you probably don’t have the luxury to do when you’re in work mode. The train ride in Alaska also offers a supreme view of nature’s beauty.

When you get to your destination, you can allow time to pass by without guilt as you spend the day fishing or hiking. You can opt to have a picnic and finally read the book you haven’t picked up for a long time.

Whether you choose to partake in activities or observe, nature will heal you. Get inspired.

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