Healthy Diet While on Vacation

3 Secrets for a Healthy Diet While on Vacation

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Vacation time comes with too much excitement. You visit a new place, experience new cultures, and meet the best delicacies you don’t want to go home without tasting. While its fun to taste all the new recipes you come across, you should remember not to go back home with extra pounds. If you have decided to practice healthy eating all the time, it doesn’t matter which part of the world you’re at. Here are three things you must do to maintain a healthy diet while on vacation without denying yourself the best meals:

1. Don’t Overindulge

According to studies, many people tend to overeat when on vacation. Yes, the excitement of meeting new delicacies can be overwhelming, and you may feel tempted to try every dish. Some new foods can be too delicious to resist.  You don’t even notice you’re eating more than you should in a single meal. If you don’t watch out, you will realize you’ve taken many more than the number of calories you need per day.

The secret to eating healthy doesn’t mean you deny yourself, but to watch your portion all the time. Most people get out of control when eating street foods because it’s hard to tell the exact portion. In this case, you should listen to your body. Try to eat slowly and when it communicates that you’re full, then you should stop eating until you feel hungry again.

2. Don’t Forget the Veggies and Fruits

Some people get so excited about new delicacies that they forget that fruits and vegetables should still be part of their diet. Well, for fruits, it’s not always hard because you can have some for breakfast, grab an apple on your way out or get some strawberries to accompany your meals. Most people completely forget about vegetables, especially when eating at first food joints. Try to make vegetables part of every meal you take even when you are travelling. In fact, vegetables should take half the portion of your plate. You can also opt to have pure veggies or fruit salad when you can’t find quality meals in the restaurant or bar where you’re eating.

3. Drink Enough Water

Whether you’re at home or on vacation, don’t forget the daily water intake that your body needs. Staying out in the sun can be dehydrating. You will feel thirsty faster than before. But also walking around a city your body will need some water.  The funny thing is that amidst the dehydration, you can still forget your daily water intake routine. Cracking through requires you to be disciplined and listen to your body when it calls. The body will not adjust quickly to a new routine, and it will demand water almost around the same time you’re used to taking. You should carry enough water with you or at least be prepared to buy some when you don’t have some bottles with you.

The secret for a healthy diet while on vacation is to stay true to yourself and have self-control. There are plenty of new delicious dishes waiting for you. You don’t have to deny yourself, but you must remember to go back home as healthy as you left.


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