The Dubai Food Festival A Taste of the World

The Dubai Food Festival: A Taste of the World

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Why are many stuffed diners spending afternoons seeking an excellent massage center in Dubai? Perhaps it’s because they have to wind down after all the delicious offerings at the Dubai Food Festival.

Yes, food lovers of the world, unite! Another destination to add to your delectable list of culinary festivals is the Dubai Food Festival, typically held around February or March. The 2020 festival was held from February 26 to March 14. The event includes a mouthwatering 18 days of succulence and dietary delight.

Visitors and residents alike were treated to two- and three-course dinners at some of the city’s best restaurants at prices starting at just AED75. All of this makes up one of the flagship parts of the entire festival, Hidden Gems. Winners of the Hidden Gems prizes included Middle Eastern grills with juicy and tender meat dishes, traditional kebabs, Indian cuisine, and much more. Below is a rundown of all the main events of the Dubai Food Festival

Hidden Gems


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As mentioned above, Hidden Gems pits the finest establishments across Dubai against each other in spirited competition. Their goal is to win over the hearts and minds of hungry visitors and local residents who visit the restaurants to sample the 2- and 3-course menus. Being a world city, Dubai offers many examples of outstanding international cuisine to diner judges. It’s a veritable rainbow of feasting.

Dubai Food Festival, Best Limited-Edition Coffees

Those who appreciate the taste and effects of a nice cup of Java also find a good home at the food festival in Dubai. Local coffee outlets went all out to create new and unique brews, especially for the occasion. Caffeine aficionados descend on each participating destination café armed with their “passport” in which they get stamps for each special coffee brew that they sample. Once they collect eight stamps, they even have a chance of winning AED1,000 of one of these unique brews.

Etisalat Beach Canteen


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Those who want to take in their culinary delights with ocean views can do so at the Etisalat Beach Canteen. This part of the festival takes part in Jumeirah, just behind Sunset Mall. The beachside dining experience is a unique opportunity for diners to try some of the more quirky and original dishes created by locals in Dubai, everything from street food to snazzy and unconventional desserts. You can even watch live cooking demos.

Culinary Carnivals

Of course, the Dubai food festival is primarily about sampling and enjoying many different foods worldwide. The entire city comes alive for food festival time, and there is even more to enjoy around town. Events at various locations include stand-up comedy, acrobatics, and other circus shows, as well as the plethora of fantastic culinary options and top foodie experiences available everywhere you go.

Learn as You Eat


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Real foodies don’t just want to eat food but understand it as well. This kind of enthusiast found a real haven at the Dubai Food Festival, as they could take part in masterclass events with top chefs. After learning some of their secrets, they could also take part in culinary workshops, special tasting menus from the city’s top restaurants, as well as custom experiential tours based on various international food themes. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the most iconic local dishes such as Mandi rice in Dubai.

A Time to Eat a Time to Relax

If you are still looking for that massage center in Dubai after filling up on the food festival’s global cuisine, have no fear. The rich and varied offerings of Dubai continue to amaze and astound tourists and locals alike. If you’re a serious foodie, don’t miss the next food festival when it rolls back into town.

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