Should I Move To Another Country Permanently? 5 Things To Consider

Should I Move To Another Country Permanently? 5 Things To Consider

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

The world today seems more unpredictable than ever, and many families worldwide have begun to have serious internal discussions on the future of their living situation within their home countries. Even before the devastating impact of COVID, things such as geo-political tensions, unpredictable weather, and the rising cost of living have pushed many lifelong residents to look for greener pastures elsewhere. This has led to many people to ask the question, “Should I move to another country permanently?”

Moving to another country permanently is a big step and requires a lot of forethought if you want the transition to be as smooth as possible. We will discuss all of these important considerations to help you decide if leaving for good is really the best option for you. There are five things to consider before you start packing up to expatriate to another country, including the following:

1. Future retirement goals

When things aren’t going well in a current living situation, very few people consider the impact that a move could have on their retirement goals. As people age, their interests and priorities will undoubtedly change as well.

For example, if you live in Canada’s northern regions by the time you reach your late 60’s, you may be tired of the cold weather and want to live someplace warm year-round. This same person may also want to live in an area with a low cost of medical care. An ideal foreign country for someone like this would be Manzanillo, Costa Rica, because it’s rated as one of the best places to retire in the small Latin American country.

Another thing to consider would be the financial side of things if you were to retire and move abroad, and this is why you may want to try out a ROTH IRA calculator to help you choose the right retirement account and get an idea of how much you can contribute to this goal.

2. Cost of living differences

One of the most critical elements when deciding if it makes sense to relocate to a new country is making the family budget forecast work in a way that allows you to live comfortably. Ideally, it typically makes the most sense for most families to move to a destination that has a significantly lower cost of living.

However, it is important to note that depending on the country you are targeting that you should also be prepared to downgrade your expectations in things such as living accommodations that you may be accustomed to, schools, and the convenience of some things you enjoy. While some countries may be cheaper, you may need to find a healthy balance between cost savings and your overall expectations of the new country.

3. Ability to easily find work or working remotely


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COVID-19 has decimated many industries with millions of lost jobs worldwide due to the pandemic. If you currently work in an industry that is highly reliant on face-to-face interactions to make a living, you should check the specific job market conditions in the country you want to relocate to.

Always check to see if the government has put restrictions in place that could make it difficult for you to find a job once you arrive.

4. Geo-political climate

If you decide to leave your home country, you should make sure that the new destination has a peaceful political climate. Specifically, try to conduct research on the countries’ major political parties and if the country has a history of aggression towards other countries in the region.

Also, check to see if the federal or local governments have a long-standing history of corruption or other unsavory practices. All of these things can undoubtedly have a significant impact on the quality of your lifestyle.

5. Raising children in a foreign country


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Moving to another country is a significant change in lifestyle for children. It is important that parents take time to explain to them the rationale for leaving their current living situation. Depending on their age, a child’s entire world is centered around their current household because it is what they have known their whole life. Including children in the family discussions about relocation will help them feel more involved in the decision-making process.

Conclusion to move to another country permanently

Without a doubt moving to another country to escape a diminishing quality of life in your current one can be a very attractive option. Many benefits can be achieved by making this type of move. However, there are some key things to consider, like the ones mentioned in this article, to make before plunging into a new country headfirst.

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