must-try dishes in Venice

6 Must-try dishes in Venice to taste authentic Venetian food

Last Updated on March 28, 2023

Venice is one of the most notable destinations in Europe. Built as a refuge against the invading Germanic tribes, Venice became a thriving centre of trade. Their classic dishes often reflect their dependence on the sea and a wide range of ingredients that came to them, as the hub of trade between the Mediterranean countries, Asia and Europe. As a result, the gastronomy is excellent, check out these six must-try dishes in Venice to taste authentic Venetian food:

1. Sarde in Saor

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Saor is a method of softening onions over a low flame. When cooked with pine nuts, raisins and sardines, they make a sweet and savoury dish that evokes all that is best about Venice. Avoid the Venice tourist traps that abound near the big attractions, and find an out-of-the-way osteria that can provide a proper example of this delicious dish.

2. Baccala Mantecato

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Salted cod is one of the most traditional Venetian dishes, dating back to the 1400s. The fish is soaked to remove the salt and then cooked for hours until it becomes a savoury, mousse-like consistency. Baccala Mantecato is served over polenta or pieces of bread for a tasty, Venetian experience.

3. Bigoli in Salsa

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Bigoli is a long, thick pasta, much like spaghetti, but with a slightly coarser texture. It originated in Venice and can be found in eating established almost anywhere in the city. Traditionally, sardines would be used in this dish, but today, you are more likely to find anchovies nestled in the tasty sauce. Duck and pork sausage in a ragout was also traditionally used in the sauce. You will find better examples of this signature dish of Venice if you wander away from the main tourist areas and find a small, family-run establishment.

4. Fegato alla Veneziana

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This classic Venetian dish is composed of calf liver and onions, but don’t be afraid to try it. The Venetians have made an art of carefully cooking the liver to the perfect consistency. Cooks smother the meat with sweet, caramelized onion that neutralizes the earthy liver flavour and a hint of acid to balance the flavours.

5. Moeche

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Moeche is a seasonal favourite that you will be able to sample, depending on the time of your visit. These small, green crabs are available only in the spring and must be harvested quickly after they have shed their shells and before the new shells form. The crabs are dusted lightly with flour and fried for a light, crunchy outside and soft, tasty interior.

6. Risi e Bisi

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This dish can be classified as somewhere between a risotto and a soup. The rice is cooked with butter, onions, pancetta, parsley, and peas, in a pea-shell broth. It is commonly eaten as the cooler months as a first course. It is traditionally eaten on St. Mark’s Day on April 25th, to celebrate the patron saint of Venice, but it can be found in restaurants throughout the year.

If you are an individual that enjoys sampling the cuisine of your travels, you will find that Venice has a variety of interesting dishes that reflect its history and culture. Tate these must-try dishes in Venice six and get ready to sample other interesting dishes because the Italian cuisine has so much to offer.

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