How To Get A Taxi from Geneva Airport

How To Get A Taxi from Geneva Airport

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

If you’ve just come to Geneva, maybe you just arrived from a long trip abroad and you are looking for transportation to your hotel, or maybe you are already in the city and need a way home. Whatever your reason for getting a taxi from Geneva airport, we’re here to help!

Airports in Geneva


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Geneva International Airport is the only airport in Geneva and serves as the main transportation hub for the city. There are several other airports in the surrounding area, but they’re not connected to Geneva International Airport.

If you’re arriving in Geneva by air, be sure to check the arrivals terminal for transportation options. The most common way to get from the airport to downtown is via a Geneva taxi. Taxis are available at both the arrivals and departure terminals and cost around CHF 30-50 per ride. If you’re planning on staying in Geneva for a while, it’s worth buying a ticket for the city bus instead. The bus departs from outside of the arrivals terminal every 10 minutes and takes around 45 minutes to get from the airport to downtown Geneva.

Where can I find good restaurants nearby?

Head to the city center, where you’ll find plenty of restaurants serving all types of cuisine. If you’re looking for a quick meal, try one of the many fast food chains located at the airport or near the train station. For something a little more special, venture out to one of Geneva’s many Michelin-starred restaurants. Finally, if you’re looking for a night out on the town, take a look at the listings for hotels in the city center.

Best attractions near the airport?

There are plenty of things to do near Geneva airport, but some of our favorites include the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Palace of Nations, and the Botanical Gardens. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, we recommend exploring the lakeside town of Nyon or taking a stroll through the picturesque villages surrounding Geneva. Spend time throwing a frisbee at the park or taking advantage of one of the many indoor recreational facilities such as a climbing wall. If you have young children, take them to see the CERN museums where they’ll learn all about particle physics and the history of science and technology. For those who enjoy culinary adventures, this is an excellent place to visit. The country’s gastronomical specialties are known worldwide and include chateaubriand, a popular dish of beef tenderloin prepared with buttery turnips. This region is also home to many of Switzerland’s finest wines and vintages.


If you’re looking to get a taxi from Geneva Airport, be sure to use our handy guide. We’ve outlined the popular restaurants that you need to find and hail a taxi. 

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