5 Culinary Treats To Eat On Horse Racing Tracks

5 Culinary Treats To Eat On Horse Racing Tracks

Last Updated on July 24, 2023

When it comes to horse racing, the truth is that the events are not just known for the exciting action but also for the vibrant atmosphere and good food!

Horse racing events have always been about enjoying a weekend off in style. This means that fashion, food and drinks, and betting are the most important.

Such events have a long tradition and most of them serve local delicacies that will spark up your taste buds.

But what are some traditional dishes usually found at some major horse races, according to TwinSpires calendar?

Well, it all comes down to the specific event, but if we must round up some popular dishes in the horse racing industry, here are some of the most popular choices.

Fast Food – Gourmet Burgers and Pizza

Horse racing is a prestigious event, where class and elegance are the two most important factors that organizers consider.

However, this doesn’t mean that horse racing events don’t have street food and popular fast food choices.

Many horse racing tracks have embraced the gourmet burger trend. Racegoers can enjoy juicy, mouthwatering burgers made with premium beef and topped with an array of delectable ingredients, from artisanal cheeses and bacon to avocado and specialty sauces.

Additionally, we have pizza served at horse racing events like Belmont Stakes. We all love luxury dining, but deep within us, we all starve for some juicy burgers and pizza.

After all, they are easiest to eat in a crowd.

Scrumptious BBQ Delights

What’s a horse racing event without some smokey barbeque? – Fortunately, such delicious dishes are not absent from horse racing events.

Many horse racing tracks embrace the finger-licking goodness of barbecue, offering a feast of smoky and savory treats. From tender pulled pork sandwiches to delectable ribs slathered in tangy sauce, the aroma of BBQ wafts through the air, drawing racegoers to indulge in this delectable and comforting fare.

Tasty Seafood Selections

Now we move to more “luxurious” and more expensive dishes at least compared to fast food. Seafood has always been considered a food that goes well with the theme of horse racing, especially if we include some of the local cocktails.

For those with a penchant for seafood, horse racing tracks often feature a delightful selection of fresh catches. Indulge in succulent shrimp cocktails, crispy calamari, or satisfying fish tacos, lobster rolls that add a touch of coastal flair to your race day experience.

Fried Chicken 

Chicken lovers are not forgotten at horse racing events since most of them are packed with local fried chicken recipes to die for.

The crispy breast or perfectly cooked wings with BBQ sauce are some of the most common choices by horse racing enthusiasts.

Fried chicken comes in many different forms and styles, from sandwiches to healthier versions with balanced nutrients.

A Southern classic that has found its way to many horse racing tracks, fried chicken and biscuits offer a delicious and hearty option for hungry racegoers. Crispy and golden-brown fried chicken pairs perfectly with soft and fluffy biscuits, creating a delectable combination that satisfies both the heart and stomach.

Loaded French Fries

Forget ordinary fries; horse racing tracks take this humble dish to new heights with loaded versions that burst with flavors. 

Crispy fries are generously topped with tantalizing ingredients like melted cheese, savory bacon bits, tangy jalapenos, and zesty sauces. These loaded fries are the ultimate indulgence to keep you energized and satisfied during the races.

Final Words

As we said before, these are some of the common dishes served at some of the most popular horse racing events with a twist that highlights the local flavors.

One thing is for sure, you won’t be hungry while cheering for the horse you’ve placed a bet on.

Since horse racing events are focused on bringing the best possible experience for all the people attending the races, the food is on another level.

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