5 Best Nightlife Cities in Europe

5 Best Nightlife Cities in Europe

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Traveling across the world seeking for the best party possible is becoming increasingly popular. Why would you limit your parties to your own city if you can travel to meet new people and have fun nights in amazing places? Party animals are always looking for the best nightclubs, drinks, entertainment, and food in great cities. Some European cities can offer an unforgettable party that will be a memory you cannot forget. If this sounds like you check out this selection of the five best nightlife cities in Europe.

1. Berlin, Germany


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Berlin is one of the top places to visit for party animals. It is an all-around craziness where there are nightlights, clubbing, drinks, and the party never stops. In Berlin, the party doesn’t start until after 1 is and can last until it is day outside.

This city has been attractive to many artists, musicians for many years, and that is why it is a frequent destination for party seekers. Also, the cheap housing and nightclubs created in abandoned buildings are the perfect way to spend the night. Even though the party scene in Berlin has matured over the years, it can still offer plenty of underground clubs hidden away from the public eye. They are even considered as a subculture to Berlin, and the party is fantastic.

2. Barcelona, Spain


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If you are seeking for one of the most legendary cities for partying, Barcelona should be on your list. If you decide to travel to Barcelona, you should know that the city comes to life at night. Even the restaurants don’t fill up until after 9PM.

However, when night comes, the city transforms into a whole different thing, as fast as a horse running on the Kentucky Derby.

The party lasts until the sun comes up, and the best thing is that the prices for drinks are affordable, except in nightclubs, where you need the fortune to grab a few drinks. Since you are in Barcelona, you should pay more attention to your appearance, if you want to avoid problems from the doormen as he might not let you in.

However, even if you avoid the clubs, there are still plenty of bars and restaurants offering great entertainment.

3. Belgrade, Serbia

Some people might not even hear about this city on the Balkan. However, Belgrade offers one of the best nightlife in the world. First of all, the prices are cheap so you can hit multiple nightclubs without worrying about spending too much. Secondly, people are gorgeous and everyone looks like a model, and to top it off, everyone is very friendly. You can find good looking hotels for very affordable prices. So if you still think where to go, Belgrade should be one of the choices you might consider.

4. Budapest, Hungary

This city is famous for its Ruin Bars, which are basically enormous derelict buildings with abandoned outdoor areas that are turned into fun bars. The truth is, Budapest has a lot going on, so you might face trouble what to go for. Drinks and food are cheap, and they offer great nightlife where you can jump from place to a place, seeking a different kind of entertainment. Even though you are there for the party, you still need great places during the day. Budapest can offer many entertaining things to do during the day, and you can also hit the swimming pool-sized baths, which at night turns into an unforgeable party.

5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When we talk about Europe, you cannot neglect the fact that Amsterdam is one of the best party cities in the world. It is famous for many things, and the party is one of that. You will find techno and trance music, but also you can find the type of party that suits you. However, if you are looking for cheap prices for partying, Amsterdam is not the city for you.

These are some of the cities which offer the best nightlife in Europe. The craziness never stops, and you can create memories that cannot ever be forgotten. If you still haven’t visited one of the mentioned, you should book a flight right now. And if you have other suggestions of great nightlife cities in Europe, please let us know in the comments.

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