Snorkelling and Diving With Whale Sharks in La Paz, Mexico

Snorkelling and Diving With Whale Sharks in La Paz, Mexico

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

The coastline of La Paz is famous for its whale sharks season. These animals are among the largest mammals alive on earth. Despite their enormous size, whale sharks are very humble and harmless. Just because of their calm nature, tourists love to go snorkelling and diving with whale sharks. Their around 40ft of length and 47000 pounds of weight, makes these animals distinctive from the entire marine world.

Sounds good? What about a holiday in La Paz spending some quality time in the proximity of marine life? The experience of swimming with vibrant fishes across the coral reefs is unexplainable in words. Only those who do can feel the thrill. Rather than spending the entire weekend relaxing on the sea beach, do something exciting at La Paz. This sea coastal area of Mexico is also known as a favourite holiday destination because of the unique geographical conditions. The Gulf of California enters deep inside the mainland making it an ideal location for doing several marine world adventures.

If you want to experience the proximity of a great whale shark, check out these 3 things to consider when planning your trip to swim along with whale sharks in La Paz:

1. Perfect time to visit

The magnificent beaches of La Paz like Monumento De La Paloma De La Paz, Muelle Turistico and Mulle Fiscal always remain full with tourists in all seasons. If you are planning to visit especially for swimming with whale sharks, it is advisable to plan your trip between October and February. Whale Sharks are more visible at the beginning of October, because of the hot climatic conditions. Avoid visiting this destination during the last weeks of February if you don’t want to miss the chance of witnessing these magnificent animals. When the temperature goes down, these creatures start migrating from the waters of La Paz.

2. Reliable tour booking agency

You may want to do some extensive research on all travel agencies offering tours of whale sharks in La Paz. Try to find a renowned native booking agency that has good reviews. You can check the comments of former tourists who also booked their tour packages for the same purpose. Before booking, check the service list of every agency to make sure they are adding the option of swimming with whale sharks. Also, read the terms and conditions before booking. They must take responsibility for all safety concerns and mention refund policy clearly. Compare the price and facilities of different agencies assorting in their packages. You may get a special discount in the whale sharks season.

3. Snorkelling or diving

Choose between snorkelling and scuba diving while booking a package. If you are a good swimmer and want to experience the in-depth world of sea, scuba diving will be the best option for you. If lucky, you will get the opportunity of swimming alongside a giant whale shark or even touch it.

Those who are looking for a safer and more convenient option can choose snorkelling. All travel agencies of La Paz coastline provide the option of snorkelling. While choosing your gears, always prefer a dry snorkel. Also, check the face mask for any kind of leakage issue. It is advisable to get the assistance of professionals who are sponsoring the event of swimming with whale sharks in La Paz.

The sea beaches of La Paz are mostly shallow. People of every age group can enjoy the marine life in La Paz because of the friendly geographical locations. Remember that the ideal time for this trip is during the initial weeks of October because the water will be warm enough to swim and dive without even requiring special suits. Also, the probability of witnessing a whale shark is much higher!

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