6 Exciting Activities to Enjoy During a Family Safari in Tanzania

6 Exciting Activities to Enjoy During a Family Safari in Tanzania

Last Updated on September 12, 2023

Congratulations on picking Tanzania as your ultimate family safari destination. Indeed, it is a land of captivating beauty and extraordinary world life. Visiting Tanzania as a family is one of the most exhilarating family vacations you can embark upon.

Imagine how thrilled your family will be when they spot the Big Five in the Serengeti National Park. Moreover, you and your family will bond with the local community. I still learn ancient Survival Skills. Also, you can visit and bask in the sun on Zanzibar’s pristine beaches after an adrenaline-filled Safari. Which will offer a perfect relaxation opportunity for you and your loved ones

Now let’s explore exciting activities that can make a Tanzania family safari into an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature, culture, and adventure

1. The Ultimate Safari Experience in the Serengeti

The Serengeti National Park is a famous Tanzania family safari destination for many tourists.  One of the first things that comes to mind when you hear Serengeti is images of boundless Plains come into my life and the iconic Great Wildebeest Migration.  

The Great immigration is a spectacle that you wouldn’t wish to miss.  This is where millions of wild zebras and other herbivores in East Africa migrate in search of fresh grazing land and water following the seasonal rains.

According to UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is one of the most Tanzania-renowned National parks. It provides a safari adventure unlike any other.  While at the national park, your family can witness the Big Five. This is the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo in their natural habitat.

To bask in the full glory of the Serengeti National Park, it is best to visit it during the dry season. Please note that the dry period stretches from June to October. This is considered the best time to visit since the sparse vegetation makes wildlife viewing ideal.  Besides, this is also the time when the Spectacular Wildebeest migration happens. Be sure that this experience will leave your family in awe. 

Isn’t it a fulfilling experience watching the excitement on your children’s faces as they witness a lioness stalking her prey during an early morning drive? Imagine the countless tales they will have when narrating this experience to their friends back at school. Serengeti’s magnificent, unique landscapes and diverse wildlife promise thrilling family encounters. 

The Great Wildebeest Migration

Here are some of the top things you can do in the Serengeti National Park: 

  • You and your family can go for early morning and late night eternal game drives. here you will get to witness Predators like lions and cheetahs in Action as they hunt for their next meal.
  • Hot air balloon safari is another exciting activity that you can do when you’re at Serengeti National Park. it’s exciting to see above the Serengeti for breathtaking aerial views of the wildlife.
  • Another exciting activity is visiting the Serengeti Visitors Centre. Here, you will learn about wildlife conservation efforts and gain a deeper understanding of the park’s ecosystem.
  • There is nothing as memorable and magnificent as the overnight bush camping. You can immerse yourself in the African wilderness as you sleep under the star lip scrub, listening to the echo sounds of the wild.

2. Canoeing and Walking in Arusha National Park

You can also decide to visit the Arusha National Park. It is one of Tanzania’s multifaceted gems with diverse ecosystems, including the Momella Lake, Ngurdoto Crater and Mount Meru. The Arusha National Park offers a range of family-friendly activities. 

For instance, you can go canoeing in the Momella lakes. Try featuring Estelle gliding silently on the tranquil waters, observing people’s water birds and Monitor lizards along the shore.  I promise you this is such a surreal experience that will leave your family with lasting memories.

 Also, Arusha National Park offers guided walks in the Acacia Savannah. The only thing you need to ensure is to have experienced guides lead these walks. While on these works, you can have the opportunity to support zebra Giraffe dik-dik up-close. Guided walks up is your family, especially your children, to connect with nature in a unique and exciting way.

The proximity to hippos is one of your family’s luckiest experiences during the canoeing excursion. Normally, a group of playful hippos bask in the sun. At the end of your Tanzania family safari, this experience with these magnificent creatures will be etched in your family’s memory. 

3. Bush Survival Skills with Indigenous Bushmen

You can take your family to hang out with Tanzania’s Hadzabe tribe. Here, you will be able to learn more from these indigenous people. Consider it as an adventure within an adventure. The best place to encounter the Hadzabe Tribe is near Lake Eyasi. Here, your family will embark on a journey to acquire ancient Bush Survival Skills. 

Some of the skills you’ll learn include:

You might have heard that it is possible to light a fire by rubbing two sticks together.  but now imagine the realisation that you can acquire the skill. Your children will feel accomplished when they master this ancient technique. 

Hunting with traditional bows and arrows may not be an everyday thing back home. Most people have been unable to hunt with bows and arrows. So this is such a thrilling experience that connects you with Hadzabe’s ancestral way of life.

Do you or your children have the ability to distinguish between edible fruits and roots while in the wild?  Worry not! Hanging out with the locals gives you the opportunity to discover the secrets of sourcing food from the wild. At the end of your trip, you will have slight knowledge of how to forage edible honey, roots and berries.

Besides, you’ll also learn about their stories, songs and dances around the campfire. The Hadzabe have a rich cultural heritage that they’re always willing to share with visitors. How exciting is it for your family to sit around a campfire listening to captivating stories from the Hadzabe? Imagine their laughter filling the air as they teach you the traditional dances it’s an experience that transcends generations

4. Camping Under the African Stars

Camping is not for the faint-hearted, but it can be fun once you try. An exciting safari experience beckons you to embrace the African wilderness. The good thing about African camping is that it has two options. 

You can opt for a luxury-tented camp or a simple and basic tent. This is one of the best ways to experience Tanzania safaris. However, you need to know that most lodges allow kids aged 12 and above to experience a safari. So, consider this hitch before planning a camp night.   

Imagine how spectacular it is waking up to Kilimanjaro’s view. How exciting is it when you first see the breathtaking view of Mount Kilimanjaro after opening your eyes? And as the darkness arrives, the symphony of night sounds lulling your family to sleep. This is such a fantastic way to connect with the rhythms of nature. 

Another exciting experience camping brings out is star gazing through the clear night skies. You will enjoy the celestial display of Tanzania’a unpolluted skies. It will leave you and your family in wonder. 

Here are some of our most popular family-friendly tented camp options:

The Elewena Serengeti Pioneer Camp. This gives tourists enjoyable outdoor dining. It also has spacious family tents.

Lemala Ndutu Camp. This is one of the most considerate tented camp options for families. Imagine they offer babysitting services, allowing parents to enjoy some downtime. 

Kati Kati Tented Camp. This camp offers exclusive safari vehicles to ensure your family’s comfort and convenience. 

5. Cycling Through Banana Plantations in Mto Wa Mbu

You and your family can visit Mto Wa Mbu. It’s such a lively town along the Rift Valley Escarpment. Most people know it for its banana and rice plantations, nourished by the waters of the Kikuletwa River. Cycling through the banana plantation is a fun activity that your family will enjoy. Imagine peddling through picturesque landscapes with the scent of ripening bananas filling the air. 

Besides, you can also draw and paint with the local Masai artists. This is a relaxing way of unleashing your family’s creativity. Also, you get the opportunity to engage with Tanzania’s local artistry. 

Best of all, you get to learn how to make Tanzania’s traditional cuisines like ugali, chapati and nyama choma. 

6. Spotting the Big 5 in Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater is a geological wonder. It’s one of the world’s largest inactive volcanic caldera. Also, this is one of the best places that you will get to see the magnificent Big 5. It has 600m high walls, creating a natural enclosure for over 25,000 animals. 

Here are a few tips you can consider for successful wildlife spotting at Ngorongoro Crater: 

  • Choose the best time to go for a Tanzania family safari. Consider visiting between January and March. During this time, animal density is usually higher and the wildlife is more active. 
  • It is advisable to book for a full-day game drive. This offers you ample time to explore the crater’s diverse landscapes and wildlife. 
  • Make sure you pack your cameras and binoculars. This will provide you a better opportunity to capture sightings that happen fast. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Safaris in Tanzania

1. What is the best time of year to visit Tanzania for a family safari? 

You can enjoy Tanzania safaris at any time. However, June to October and January to March are some of the best times to visit. You may want to avoid the rainy season from March to May, which can hinder park accessibility.

2. Are family safaris in Tanzania safe?

Tanzania is very safe for family travel provided basic precautions are taken, like avoiding walking alone at night and not approaching wild animals too closely. Get any required vaccinations and travel insurance.

3. What should we pack for a family safari in Tanzania?

Pack lightweight, neutral-coloured clothing, sun hats, sunglasses, binoculars, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, anti-malarial medication, a first aid kit, a camera, flashlights, and dry bags to protect electronics from dust and moisture.

Start Planning Your Family Safari Adventure in Tanzania

From witnessing the Great Migration in the Serengeti to cycling through banana plantations, Tanzania offers incredible experiences for all ages. The diversity of activities, ranges of accommodation, and abundant wildlife. This ensures an epic Tanzania Family Safari adventure. Use this guide to start planning an unforgettable holiday in Tanzania today!

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