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9 African Dishes You Haven’t Tried Yet, And You Should!

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

One thing Africans cannot do without is their food. They will always find a way to satisfy their craving for traditional cuisines. No matter how far they go from home. If you get a chance to visit the kitchen of their restaurants here in America, you will be amazed at what magic they can do with your staple foods.

It gets more interesting when you realize that African food is just as varied as its people. With an extensive hodgepodge of African recipes to enjoy, it would feel absolutely right to visit this continent solely for the food.

We would love it if our African audiences share their favorite local dishes and cooking suggestions. But as that will take aeons, we have gathered our top 9 African dishes that will blow your mind.

Kitfo – Ethiopia

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Have you ever had your steak raw? A cuisine traditional to the Ethiopian people, Kitfo is raw beef spiced and seasoned with local Ethiopian chili powder blends, aromatic herbs and lard. You can’t help but fall in love with Kitfo’s buttery goodness and the flavors that will fill your palate with spicy delight.

Sometimes vaguely cooked (called Kitfo leb leb) to enhance its edibility, the dish is complemented by gomen (cooked green peas) or ayibe (soft cheese). Kitfo is also served together with a dense flatbread prepared from ensete plant. Though not considered the most special treat by locals, Kitfo is not an everyday dish. It is usually served on special occasions or holidays.

Jollof Rice – West Africa

The most revered food in the west of Africa; the food that must be on the menu in any of function whatsoever; the jollof rice. Rice is processed and cooked in a variety of ways across continents. But if you’ve never eaten jollof rice, you should literally visit all the countries in West Africa to discover for yourself which culture prepares it best.

Ndolé – Cameroon

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If you’ve heard of people having bittersweet moments but have never had one, the Ndolé will give you an opportunity to experience it first-hand. But do not recoil at the thought of being served this dish. The Ndolé is not bitter at all. It is a food that’s popular among the Cameroonian locals, made with bitter leaves, spinach, beef or fish, and stewed nuts. It is normally served with a local cassava meal (bobolo) or fried plantain.

Egusi – Nigeria

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Some few other cultures may lay claim to being the creators of this insanely delectable dish. But I tell you, this one belongs to Nigerians, and especially to the Yoruba clan. This knockout recipe is a Nigerian classic made with ground melon seeds.

You can garnish the Egusi with ingredients ranging from shrimp, prawn, cow skin, meat, periwinkle, stock fish, chicken, or any edible thing you can ever think of. Just put your creativity to work and follow the recipe, and this stew will be all you’ll ever want to cook. When cooked right and paired with pounded yam, fufu or eba, you will literally experience paradise in every bite!

Cachupa – Cape Verde

Cachupa is native to Cape Verde and generally considered as the country’s state cuisine. Each region in the country has their own cooking styles, but it is generally prepared by slow-cooking corn, carrots, peas, sweet potato, and fish or meat (chicken, beef, or ham) sausage. Every chew gives a warm, delicious and nourishing experience.

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