5 Best Weekend Getaways for Families in the USA

5 Best Weekend Getaways for Families in the USA

Last Updated on May 29, 2023

There’s no better way than road trips for a pleasant family getaway, saturated with love and new adventures to bond members together. There are a lot of ideas for vacation, where all of the priorities for everyone are counted. In this article, you will learn about spots that are affordable for any age, so we advise start making plans right now and get rid of restrictions – make the trip as interesting as possible with us. Let’s start with some tips and rules if it is the first time when you decide to go.

How to get ready for a road trip vacation:

  • First of all, direct your ambitions correctly – take some time for training rides. As sportsmen need workouts to be able for long distances, drivers and passengers should need to define their possibilities for hours on the way. Before the marathon ride, takes some smaller ones to develop fitness and know if a family-size bag of chips is enough for all of you, who need frequent bathroom stops, etc.
  • Respect personal space and use the three-row option even for two kids, or even better if they are older, let them take the wheel. Car rental age in the USA varies in dependence on the place, so check that information.
  • Leave early. Time passes faster in the morning and creates room for spontaneous visits.
  • Keep kids entertained and look for audiobooks or create a playlist.
  • Go big on snacks and for better protection from COVID-19 prepare all meals and buy a travel cooler.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The majestic beauty of red rocks gives a feeling of being on the other planet without leaving Earth. Add here a wide range of activities like riding on the Grand Canyon Railway or traveling the Bright Angel Trail by mule, and kids will not feel disheartened. Observing stunning orange-colored landscapes is interesting, but may seem a bit inactive for younger ones. Exploring hiking trails is also a nice idea, an intensive walk needs to be a point in your plan.

Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg is the historical center of the state with a living historic atmosphere on the streets – tourists always see people wearing 18th-century looks and building an atmosphere like two hundred years ago. By the way, this city leads to other great destinations for a road trip, and it is a great reason for one more activity for grown children. They will appreciate the initiative to drive the car during day trips, so check the information about the age to rent a car before. Check our five ideas and pick up the destination:

  • Annapolis
  • Lewes
  • Chapel Hill
  • Charlottesville
  • Norfolk

Destin, Florida

A relaxing beach vacation is suitable for adults and kids, Destin offers something for everyone – a relaxing atmosphere, fun in Adventure Park, and pirate-based cruises. Crystal Beach is famous for its calming atmosphere and wonderful views, especially sunsets. Don’t forget to bring a camera.

Anaheim, California

Disney Wonders are the perfect vacation option even if you bring the older generation with you. Colorful Disneyland resort combines the best entertainment and a vibrant fairy-tale atmosphere. The mere mention of the word “Disney” caused joy and positivity. Perhaps no one could refuse the offer to see princesses in person or explore Mickey’s Toontown, or any other attraction, so you will not mistake choosing Anaheim. 

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Outer Banks Scenic Byway is famous not only for picturesque roads. They are opening a huge field for your adventures on every corner. Historic background is no less interesting than beautiful beaches, these islands are the site of the final Blackbeard battle and the mysterious place of the disappeared Lost Colony.

Book a car several months in advance and check the USA age of car rental which depends on the state and demands. The minimum age requirement to rent a car in NC is 21 years old, but it goes with a special fee and limited choice in car classes for safety reasons. That’s the only difference from usual rentals, young drivers are still allowed to choose a location and additional functions or offers. 

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