Sydney and Melbourne food treasures

Guide to Sydney and Melbourne food treasures

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

Are you one of those gourmets who would travel the world for the perfect slice of food? Are you constantly tracing food crumbs to arrive at a new foodie paradise? Well, along the way maybe you would want to experience some of the most mesmerizing sceneries and meet the friendliest people on earth. Do you like urban pubs and fancy restaurants? How about a big food market with so many surrounding colours and smells, oh the smells. And for the absolutely perfect gastronome vacation – food festivals you don’t want to miss for the world. Check out this guide to Sydney and Melbourne food treasures.

Tempting enough? If you have ever visited Australia maybe you could guess what I was about to suggest. However, if you still haven’t crossed that component off your bucket list, then it’s about time. Packing your bags to see Australia’s best cities, Sydney and Melbourne, will lead you to a journey. First and foremost a great journey for your taste buds, and besides that, I must say, the best experience for all of your senses!

Melbourne – Planet of Good Food


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Melbourne is a beautiful city full of diversities. This multi-cultural society is best represented by the versatility in the food. Many restaurants across this beautiful city, represent Melbourne’s delightful food scene. There is something for everybody in the city in which the world unites through food delights.

Some of Melbourne’s best restaurants are located in the CBD area. Refined meals and best Australian wines are on the menu for those looking for a more elegant dining experience. Melbourne’s delicacy treasures are hidden in the tiny alleys and narrow passageways, open only to pedestrians. They uncover award-winning restaurants with cousin representing different cultures of the worlds. The fusion of Taiwan, Indian, Turkish, Balkan, Italian and many other cuisines, promises to make you feel full and satisfied.

Meatstock – Music and Barbecue Festival


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Some of the best food festivals in Melbourne spread through the restaurants, laneways, parks and rooftops are the reason this city is known as the planet of foodstuff.

The sizzling of the grill and all the warm air coming towards you, carrying the aroma of a freshly cooked meat. The Meatstock festival is a paradise for the meat lover. My suggestion is to visit this festival with a bunch of friends. You will want to try many of the offered foods so sharing is a better option if you don’t want to miss out on something. Besides the excellent food, there are music events with live bands that will ensure more satisfied senses than just your taste buds.

Some tourists react quite shocked by the fact that you can buy a slice of roasted kangaroo meat. Well, for those who love a juicy slice of meat, Australia is the place where you can try freshly cooked kangaroo meat. I don’t know if it was the atmosphere, but kangaroo meat – oh my god! Freshly roasted on the barbecue, it tasted so great that I will highlight this as the best food I’ve tried in Australia. It may take you a week to get all that barbecue smell off of your skin and out of your nose, but it is worth it.

Melbourne tour guides also offer “secret food tours” and promise to share their best discoveries of local dining culture.

Sydney – Fine Dining

If you tend to seek your delightful meal inside a restaurant, Sydney is a city that abounds with many fine dining places. Moreover, a good old hedonist will know how to pick a place to indulge in great food and drink sensations.

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The list with mesmerizing attractions to visit is endless. However, the best experience that Sydney offers is an unforgettable view of Sydney Harbour while enjoying an excellent meal. The best restaurants in Sydney will offer you a romantic dinner accompanied by the warm summer breeze next to Sydney Harbor. It’s a moment in time you would want to last forever. Therefore, choose your best company for full experience.

Street Food Delights you should try in Sydney

Sydney is well-known for the best street food markets. They are celebrating the fresh products and all of Australia’s unique street food delicacies. If you love simple and freshly made food to take with you on your sight-seeing, Sydney’s open markets will offer you finger-licking good meals.

  1. Fish and chips in a small paper dish and a peaceful afternoon on the shore is the most authentic Sydney experience. Small vendors along the beach will offer you a fish and chips portion so tasty, you would want one more, or maybe two more, or…
  2. Barramundi fish with crispy skin and soft meat cannot taste better in any restaurant as than the one enjoyed on the streets of Sydney. This perfect piece of fried fish is something you don’t want to miss.
  3. Dagwood dog is the perfect representation of Australia’s fast food culture. It’s a slice of deep-fried meat on a stick, topped with tomato sauce or ketchup. If you visit any food market or food festival you can’t miss the Dagwood dog, it’s everywhere.
  4. Australia’s famous meat pies are a mandatory meal for your food list. They can be found in many forms, as a simple snack in the street food market to a fancy meal in the restaurant. As the name suggests, it is a pie, packed with various sorts of meat.

Australia is such a beautiful country with so much to offer! If it’s the food that is inspiring you to travel and discover, Australia’s capitals of great cuisine are waiting for you!

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