8 Best Road Trips through America

8 Best Road Trips Through America

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

Do you wonder why road trips are so much fun? Picture this – you driving with your favorite people, your favorite music on play, fresh air on your face, and the open road ahead of you. Now, I know you got it. This is precisely what I wish to convey. While we are talking about road trips, America tops the list. Talking about road-tripping in America, let us unravel the joy of road trips with this blog. 

Let us explore why a road trip on American highways is not just an option, but an experience that will leverage your entire road-tripping experience. So, fasten your seatbelts and get set to go for an adventure of a lifetime. Discover the importance and the true essence of road-tripping through USA Tour Packages 

Let´s take an exciting virtual ride together with USA tourism and travel guide.

1. Pacific Coast Highway 

The iconic Pacific Coast Highway, which hugs more than 900 kilometers of rocky and stunning coasts of California, was first built in the 1930s. It is one of the most stunning highways in the world, designed to be driven leisurely while marveling at the mountains, tall trees, massive beaches, and boundless sky. It also offers visitors a unique chance to enjoy all that California has to offer. You will see the spectacular beauty of the Pacific Ocean, encounter wildlife, and have the option to explore popular spots. It takes about ten hours to drive the entire length of the Pacific Coast Highway without stopping. It is advised that you take your time seeing the sights and staying overnight along the way on this route.

2. Historic Route 66

Next on our road trip adventure is the iconic Historic Route 66. Stretching from Chicago to Santa Monica, this route runs past endless farms, deserted towns, and the beautiful American West desert. The scenery is exciting, but the Route 66 road journey is made up of stops and sights along the way, each of which seems to be more amazing than the last. You will come across nostalgic diners, old hotels, and quirky roadside attractions as you drive along its winding roads. Route 66 displays the vast cultural fabric of the United States, from the busy downtown of Chicago to the sunny beaches of California. So, be ready for this unique trip down Route 66 as you prepare to go back in time.

3. Overseas Highway

Continuing further on our road trip through America – we cannot miss Overseas Highway – a true gem in the heart of Florida. One of the most stunning drives in America is the Overseas Highway, which stretches south across 100 miles of islands. Imagine traveling on a road surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the stunning blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. That’s the magic of the Overseas Highway. This highway, which connects the lovely Florida Keys, is like a thread connecting a string of tropical islands. Snorkel in bright coral reefs, dine on great seafood, and relax on the many beaches along the way.

4. Columbia River Scenic Highway 

As we enter the Columbia River Scenic Highway, our road trip experience takes a peaceful turn. The journey promises to be a symphony of the glories of nature. This highway, which lies in the Pacific Northwest, gives entry to some of the most breathtaking natural settings. Starting 13 miles east of Portland, Oregon, on I-84, the Historic Columbia River Highway is the first picturesque road in the country to be named a National Historic Landmark. The highway was designed explicitly for road trippers and was based on the mountain roads of Europe. It is unquestionably the crown gem of the Northwest and the best route for viewing fall foliage in the region. It is a haven for outdoor activities. Indulge in the serenity of nature, discover hidden waterfalls, and explore hiking trails. 

5. Skyline Drive 

As we continue to drive down Skyline Drive, our road trip adventure soars to new heights. Skyline Drive’s splendor is a must-see for anyone who loves nature and the great outdoors. Every year, around 1.2 million people visit the road. Skyline Drive begins at Front Royal, where it connects with US Route 340. The 105-mile scenic byway, from north to south, ends at milepost 105.4 in Waynesboro, where Skyline Drive connects with US Route 64. The entire length of Skyline Drive takes about 3 hours to drive. The peacefulness you feel on Skyline Drive is unmatched. It makes it more than just a road drive but a meditation journey through the stunning beauty of nature.

6. Highway 164 Monument Valley – Utah

As we reach the famous Highway 164, our road trip adventure takes us deep into the American Southwest. Monument Valley is in the Navajo Indian Reservation on the boundary of Arizona and Utah. Get ready for a trip across a landscape that has graced the silver screen for generations as you buckle up. Against the broad desert sky, towering sandstone buttes, mesas, and arches create a landscape straight out of a Hollywood film. This trip is more than just a drive; it’s a glimpse into the rich Native American history and geological wonders. Stop at the viewpoints for panoramic views of Monument Valley that stretch as far as the eye can see, and you will see why this region has inspired artists, photographers, and visitors alike.

7. U.S. 550 Million Dollar Highway – Colorado

We continue our epic journey on the thrilling U.S. 550, also known as the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado. Hold on tight as we pass through this winding masterpiece, where every curve unveils incredible scenery and heart-pounding thrills. This route, which was carved through the wild San Juan Mountains, is more than simply a drive; it is an exciting drive across the Rocky Mountains. The highway features rocky cliffs, plunging waterfalls, and wildflower-covered alpine meadows. The term Million Dollar Highway comes from reports of the use of a million dollars worth of gold and silver ore in the road’s construction. But be careful; it’s not an option for the faint of heart. It is one of the most exciting yet rewarding drives in the United States due to the hairpin corners and stunning drop-offs.

8. Valley of Fire Highway- Nevada

Between Las Vegas and Lake Mead, the Valley of Fire is a stunning canvas of wind-sculpted red sandstone that changes with each slightest movement of the sun. Vibrant shades of red and orange will surround you as you travel along the Valley of Fire Highway, standing out against the dark desert sky. The Valley of Fire State Park Scenic Byway will take you through geologic wonders like Piano Rock, Arch Rock, and Rainbow Vista. Nature lovers and photographers will find this place to be heaven because of the strange aura that the eroded sandstone patterns create. The sense of old history and natural beauty that fills the air, however, is what truly makes this ride unforgettable. Enjoy the magic, let the ancient spirits guide you, and go for a road trip experience that goes beyond the ordinary.


As we come to the end of our virtual road trip through the Great American Highways, it is not about going from one place to another, it is the beginning of endless wonders. Every highway tells a story, and each mile offers a discovery. So whether you are exploring the ancient rocks of the Valley of Fire Highway or staring at the Pacific on the Pacific Coast Highway, cherish every moment spent on the route. Take this road trip, and let the roads lead you to incredible experiences and lasting smiles.

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