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7 Bangkok Foodie Instagrammers To Follow

Last Updated on December 29, 2018

Not everyone can travel to Bangkok at his or her leisure, but that is why Instagram exists. Even if you can’t try that delicious chicken satay at the market, you can bet an Instagram foodie has, and already has a photo of it on their account too.

Nothing is more satisfying than watching a short video clip of cold Thai ice cream being scooped into a cup. That is where foodie Instagrammers have you covered. For those who yearn to taste some of Bangkok’s best meals, or even try to recreate them, here are the Bangkok foodie Instagrammers you need to follow.


If the suffix –graphy indicates a field of study, then this is one subject you would never want to stop learning about. Eatography actually combines the words “eat” and “photography” to define exactly what the Instagram account is all about: deliciously photographed food.

The account covers both savory and sweet Bangkok dishes, but puts a special emphasis on delicate and intricate desserts. More so than just professional-grade photographs, Eatography has a good amount of videos among their posts. You can witness the final touches being added to a cheesy pasta dish first-hand, or look on with envy as a spoon digs in for the first bite of a creamy custard. This account has such a big following; it even has a Facebook account to accompany it.


This Instagrammer is a self-proclaimed “traveling nut” with an emphasis on clean eating in Thailand. Happyeatwithnut uses her account to document her healthy eating and the occasional not-so-healthy fare. Acai bowls, bright salads, and creamy sweets are all frequent features of this profile. Many photos including labels on each ingredient for those who want to recreate the dish.

This account showcases what clean eating is like in Thailand. If you like to make your own meals, this is a great way to get ideas on how to mix up your routine. Other posts highlight some of Bangkok’s tastiest street food and dine-in options. This Instagrammer clearly loves all types of food, not just the healthy stuff. Each image is certain to contain plenty of color and a lot of personality from the “traveling nut.”


For the sweet tooth that is constantly aching for new sugary treats, bkkfoodguide has you covered. This profile is meant to be a guide to Bangkok food that is accessible by locals and tourists. Aside from reposts, each description is written in English and Thai with a price and location on where to find the dish.

This helpful Instagram guide is almost entirely composed of videos. Viewers can see exactly how the food item is prepared from each post. Bangkok’s finest street food gets a prominent feature throughout the videos. If you find yourself visiting Bangkok anytime soon, this account is a must-follow for leads on yummy foods for reasonable prices.


Along with a website of the same name, bkkfatty is an Instagram account that documents the culinary exploration of Dwight. Dwight is a food blogger who has created guides on food and travel through his own blog. His Instagram account is just a small reflection of what his website has to offer. It focuses on many of the incredible meals he has tried rather than the finer details of his travels.

Big bowls of noodle soups, chicken feet, and cold beer are just a few things you can see on this Instagram account. As an added bonus, Dwight also posts photos from his personal experiences with his non-profit, Courageous Kitchen. The organization hosts cooking classes for underprivileged children and teens in Thailand. Follow his journey through Bangkok as he eats and teaches one meal at a time.


Voted as one of “Thailand’s Top Food Influencers” of 2015 by the Influence Asia Awards, eatandshout is a foodie Instagram that caters to the interests of their audience. The account takes pride in only posting original content. You can often catch glimpses of the account runner as he tries Bangkok favorites.

This Instagram account does not only feature typical meals on the streets of Bangkok, but unusual foods as well. A man molding a fishing monkey out of gummies, a high stacked slice of chocolate toast, and coconut ice cream topped with a salty egg name a few. Most of the pictures and videos show Bangkok food creations. Occasionally eatandshout extends to other parts of Thailand and even other parts of the world.


With a motto like, “let’s get our tummies bigger together,” it’s hard to imagine watching the videos on this Instagram are calorie free. Biggertummy provides a guilt-free portal into some of Bangkok’s most indulgent foods.

Videos capture sizzling meats, fluffy cakes, and cool frothy drinks. Reposts from food tutorials sprinkle into the mix to show viewers how to make Asian-inspired snacks. The photographs get you up close and personal with each culinary creation. You can treat yourself by looking through this account all day long without gaining a single pound.


A post shared by Oh Sirin (@ohhappybear) on

With accolades from several publications collecting since 2012, ohhappybear has established itself as a highly regarded Thai food blog and Instagram account. Typical of a well-known Instagram account, each pre-bite photo perfectly captures large spreads of food at their best angle.

Enter the life of a food blogger and inquire further through the photo descriptions. Some descriptions contain information on accompanying blog posts you can access through their website. Foodies who like to know a little more about the dish beyond the pretty picture will be delighted to learn more about the experiences of ohhappybear.

TAKEAWAY: If you are traveling to Bangkok, be sure to check the descriptions of the photos from these Instagram accounts. Most of them have photo descriptions giving location and price details.

It doesn’t matter if you are an avid baker looking for your next confectionary inspiration, or just a fan of food who is interested in Thailand. These Bangkok foodie Instagrammers will cure your appetite for food photos in an instant.

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