4 Arabian Countries to visit in the Persian Gulf 

4 Arabian Countries to visit in the Persian Gulf 

Last Updated on December 2, 2022

When you first began traveling, you probably had little interest in the nations that are situated in Western Asia because you wanted to travel as far and as wide as possible such as Orient. Those who grew to love the Arabian nations of the Persian Gulf and everything they have to offer love them, even more, the more they traveled. Believe us who talked to them that it saddens them to see that people completely neglect those nations and concentrate only on Dubai, the most popular tourist destination in the UAE. But there is a lot more to see! In this article, we will discuss four additional Arabian Countries to visit in the Persian Gulf: Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. If you want, you can simply visit each one separately or all at once.

1. Kuwait


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We would compare Kuwait to a smaller version of California in the Gulf.

It exudes a pleasant youthful feel and boasts a thriving entrepreneurial scene. Going to the Qout Market, an artisanal farmers market with a base in Kuwait, is one of the fascinating things to do when you are in the country. Every month’s first Saturday is when it happens. Numerous lovely items made by regional artists and craftspeople are also all out there.

If you will not be there on those Saturdays, you can visit Souq Al Mubarkiah for a different, more conventional market experience. From meats to perfumes, basically anything is available there. This traditional souk has been present for many years. Early in the day is peaceful, but in the evening it becomes extremely busy. You can eat dinner there as well, either at one of the wonderful restaurants nearby or from some of the market’s street vendors. You can visit their sizable malls like 360 or the Avenues if the conventional markets do not appeal to you.

The commitment to preserve and showcase the Islamic tradition of the area is another feature of Kuwait that we truly loved. The home of Islamic heritage, or Dar al-Athar Al Islamiyyah, is open for visits. Like the Al Sabah collection, they have excellent treasures there that are worthwhile visiting. There are also places where you can see the art of a certain type, like the Tareq Rajab Museum and the Sadu House. The Tareq Rajab Museum is mainly focused on Arabic calligraphy and other works of fine art, whilst the Sadu House provides the focus on the indigenous fabric used by the Bedouins of the region known as the Sadu, hence the place’s name. Both will help you gain a deeper understanding of the area’s artistic legacy.

The modest size of Kuwait allows for a three-day tour. They have beach condos that you might check out and use for fun. You might gain additional insight into what is planned during your visit if you follow a few influential Kuwaitis on Instagram.

2. Bahrain


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The nation nearest to Saudi Arabia is Bahrain. It will only take you an hour and a half to drive to Bahrain’s little capital city Manamah if you are in Saudi Arabia. Bahrain has the advantage of being easily explored in a single day. The entire Island can be driven around in two hours. It has traditionally served as Saudis’ outlet because it had everything Saudi Arabia lacked, including movie theaters and racetracks.

Bahrain is mostly thought of as a destination for shopping and beach vacations. While it is true, the tiny island also boasts several interesting archaeological sites, including Arad Fort and Qal’at al-Bahrain. Visit the Tree of Life, which is the oldest tree in the nation, if superstitions fascinate you. You will not realize the tree was the oldest when you see it, so many simply remark it cool and drive away. If you do, at the very least snap a picture next to it!

The majority of the architecture therein is modern, with glass and steel structures, although there are a few historic structures that have survived in places like Al-Muharraq and the area surrounding the Gate of Bahrain, known in Arabic as Bab Al Bahrain.

3. Qatar


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Another little island in the Persian Gulf is Qatar, but recently, Qatar has done so well for itself that Qatar has become a popular travel destination. Additionally, it is the birthplace of the renowned Qatar Airways, so chances are that you will stop in Qatar if you are arranging a trip from the United States or the United Kingdom to Asia. It can be completed in a single day, making it the ideal layover location.

To truly take advantage of everything the Island has to offer, it might be preferable to remain there for a few days. Although the word ‘island’ might conjure up images of sunny climes, this is not that kind of island. It has lots of tall buildings and is getting them more and more. If you are traveling there and have a connecting flight, be aware that the traffic congestion there may be severe.

When making travel plans, keep Qatar’s wonderful Museum of Islamic Art in mind as one of the country’s highlights. It is regarded to be one of the top museums of Islamic art in the entire globe. Browse their calendar before you go because they also host events and teach workshops there. The Katara Cultural Village is another location that hosts cultural and artistic activities. It is also interesting to observe the architecture there. Souq Waqif and its Gold Souk are yet another must-see in Qatar. Although the Souk has a classic feel, everything there is, for the most part, modern and brand-new.

After exploring the major areas of Qatar, you can travel to the country’s tiny Banana Islands for certain genuine splendor and rest.

4. Oman


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One of our favorite countries in this area is Oman in particular. In most locations, the beachfront there are accessible and well-kept. Although there are also rocky beaches, sand beaches predominate. You are welcome to pull over while you are driving and have a swim. Jebel Shams and Wadi Shab are the two primary natural attractions in Muscat, the country’s capital, which you should include in your travel plans. The first one is sun mountain and it makes a good hike. Because these mountains are Desert Mountains, hiking there is a distinct kind of beauty. A meadow that contains a lake and a small cave that can only be reached by swimming in the lake is the other one.

Muscat’s Royal Opera House, Bait Al Barandah Museum, and Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque are all examples of outstanding architecture. Visit Mutrah Souq if you wish to sample the well-known halwa dessert and pick up a few trinkets. The beachfront and some of the local traditional architecture can be seen while strolling through that region.

Salalah is another city you may include. There is lush natural scenery and palm tree farms, and the climate is relatively pleasant.

Useful Information for Travelers to the Arabian Gulf Countries

Here are some tidbits of information that will assist you in making travel arrangements to these four countries if you have questions about how to get around, when to visit, and how to dress and act there.

How to Act and Appear in the Arabian Gulf Countries

All four of them share a lot of the same cultural traditions. Most of them have to do with how people should dress and how men and women should interact. Dressing modestly is the best option. Even though it can get very hot in those nations during the summer, certain regions still urge you to dress modestly, therefore short shorts and miniskirts are not appropriate unless specifically permitted. Both men and women are permitted to dress casually in all four nations by donning jeans and a t-shirt. With the exception of when they are in a mosque, women are not required to cover their hair.

If You Wish to Gamble…

There are just a few countries in the region where gambling is permitted, despite the fact that Arabic gambling rules differ by country. Casinos, sportsbooks, and online gambling services are generally prohibited all through the Middle East and Western Asia. Even in places where gambling is legal, it is frequently severely regulated or open only to tourists from other countries, making it impossible for residents to partake in the excitement.

However, the challenges faced by players who wish to put a bet online are different from those that are faced at the Gulf countries’ land-based casinos. The legal framework for betting over the Internet in this region says it is illegal but technically you may utilize it without getting prosecuted as, say, foreign websites at TopCasinoExpert.com are not blocked.

Transportation in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman

These nations are lacking a public transit system, therefore the only options for getting around are renting a car or taking a cab. Remember that no one walks anywhere since it is too hot to do so in the summer and the streets were not designed with pedestrians in mind. Uber and other local taxi apps are both available there.

The Best Time to Explore the Arabian Gulf Countries

Early spring, all of winter, and late fall have the most pleasant weather for travel. You can visit some natural attractions and outdoor activities during such times. Otherwise, it gets way too warm.

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