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10 Best Food and Wine Festivals in the US

Drinks and food on a table at one of the food and wine festivals in the US

With the food culture on the rise, food and drink festivals are trending. The only variance is the way it’s being relished and celebrated in different regions. The US has always been passionate about celebrating its culinary culture. In fact, the country is known to host some of the best food and wine festivals, which offer gourmands a diverse food …

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Where to Find the Best Organic Food in Brisbane

Example of organic food in Brisbane. Farmer holding recently harvested organic vegetables in a wooden box.

If you’re an avid healthy eater, you know the struggle of going out, looking at the menu and realizing that everything on it is overly processed and gross. You’ve also found yourself in the healthy food section at a grocery store that has exactly five items you’d consider eating. However, if you live in Brisbane, you’re one lucky healthy foodie! …

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5 Vegan Restaurants In New York You Should Try

Vegan jackfruit tacos from some of the best vegan restaurants in New York.

The concept of vegetarianism (or veganism) has been in the human culture for centuries. Initially, it was adopted by religions like Buddhism and Hinduism with the aim to show mercy towards animals. In the recent past, this concept achieved worldwide popularity mainly on the basis of its potential health benefits. It is considered that abstaining from animal foods can prevent …

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5 Types of Bakeries You Can Find Nearby in the US

Baked sweets on the counter of one of the types of bakeries you can find nearby.

Are you one of those dessert lovers who enjoy the smell of recently baked goods in their house? Or just one who doesn’t miss a chance to take a bite out of any sweet that crosses their path? Either way, you surely have a couple of go-to places to get your dose of sugar. And if you don’t or just …

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Brooklynites Flock to Black Flamingo: A Restaurant Review

Vegan taqueria in Brooklyn

Williamsburg is undoubtedly the hippest neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. Vibrant with diversity while thriving with young people hungry for fun experiences, you’re bound to find the trendiest restaurants. And we did! Black Flamingo is a destination spot, the only vegan taqueria in Brooklyn and one of the best vegan restaurants in New York. Restaurant by Day, Club by Night Una …

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6 Indian Vegan Dishes You Will Love

Selection of Indian vegan dishes such as hot spicy indian soups, rice and salads in copper bowls.

Even in an age of growing awareness of positive food consumption that discourages harm to any animal, lifestyles such as veganism often become subject to ridicule. Propped on by the corporate junk food cartel and our conscience lacking media, many people consider veganism to be “lame and boring.” However, even in the prospect of so much negativity, there is a …

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