Travel Tips to Enjoy a Luxurious Yet Economical Vacation in Sydney

Colourful image projected on the side of the Sydney Opera house during an economical vacation in Sydney.

Spectacular views, beautiful beaches, and the famous Opera House. These are only a few of the reasons why Sydney is at the top of many people’s lists of destinations. Most people feel like Sydney is a glamour city, yet a little expensive for travelers with a restricted budget. The good news is that there are numerous ways for people to …

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7 Top Food Bloggers in Los Angeles

One of the food bloggers in Los Angeles showing a delicious bowl of fruits on Venice beach.

Los Angeles foodies are passionate about two things: meals and deals. It’s not always easy to find great food for a reasonable price in LA. However, locals always know the hidden gems scattered throughout the many neighborhoods that make up the city. Many food fanatics have created blogs to inform fellow foodies of the best eats of the City of …

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How to Eat Like a Russian Gipster in St. Petersburg

Shaverma is a typical Russian dish. Learn how to eat like a russian gipster.

Sorry Moscow, St. Petersburg was and is the cultural capital of Russia. You can’t beat the brilliant pink, yellow, and blue buildings that line every street in the center. On top of that, there are countless famous churches, canals, statues, museums, and literary spots scattered about. In contrast to all these famous, old sites, St. Petersburg has a vibrant hipster …

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5 Best Celebrity Chef Restaurants in Las Vegas

Inside of Gordon Ramsay's BurGR, one of the top celebrity chef restaurants in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is not just home to some of the flashiest casinos and fanciest hotels in the world, as it also offers a variety of award-winning restaurants owned by celebrity chefs. Vegas Eater shares that Sin City has more than 40 big-name chefs who have restaurants on The Strip, and they are popular destinations for the city’s 42.9 million tourists …

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8 Amazing Street Foods To Try In Dōtonbori, Osaka

View of the street foods to try In Dōtonbori, the famous food market in Osaka, Japan.

Dōtonbori is one of Osaka’s premier tourist destinations, boasting numerous large, flashy billboards, a bustling nightlife, and some of the best food in Japan. The street on the south side of the Dōtonbori Canal is home to a bevy of restaurants with huge signs that depict what they serve. This gives Dōtonbori its eccentric and energetic vibe. There are countless …

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7 Hot Eastern European Foods To Keep You Warm In Winter

Goulash, one of the most famous hot Eastern European foods

It is a shame that Eastern Europe is often overlooked when it comes to food. No one knows how to handle cold, dark, long winters quite like those from the harsh climate of North-Eastern Europe. Even if the weather isn’t freezing or snowy, winter can get very dark. So, there are many hot Eastern European foods to warm everyone up. All …

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5 Typical Ingredients of Jamaican Cuisine

Ackee and saltfish are some of the most famous ingredients of Jamaican cuisine

Tranquil beaches and vivacious reggae music may be what made Jamaica famous, but this lush tropical island is known for its distinctively flavored foods too. Unique and rich in taste, the ingredients of Jamaican cuisine are a favorite for those who love their food to have a spicy kick. Known for its spices and full flavors, the culinary culture of …

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All You Need To Know About Dubai’s Foodie Paradise

Famous hotel and tourist district of Madinat Jumeirah, in Dubai's foodie paradise

If you’re a foodie, book a ticket to Dubai, for that is where your soul awaits you. In this Arab Emirate, you can indulge in such a variety of food that you’ll not only be satiated but undergo a major lesson on how myriad cuisines can coexist and be celebrated in one place. So read along to learn all you need …

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15 Restaurants to Travel The World from Melbourne

World map made from different kinds of spices to represent the restaurants to travel the world from Melbourne

Ade and I love traveling overseas, visiting new places and experiencing new cultures. But there’s always a little piece of us left behind in Melbourne, Australia. Especially in our hometown: Windsor/Prahran. Windsor, and it’s close neighbor Prahran (the two are definitely intertwined), are a couple of suburbs of Melbourne, and are eclectic and daggy cool in a kind of funky …

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5 Holiday Treats from the Amsterdam Christmas Markets

Holiday Treats from the Amsterdam Christmas Markets

On the second Sunday of November, the Netherlands is visited by a beloved figure known the world over. Sinterklaas (aka Saint Nicholas) sails into Haarlem from Spain to ring in Christmas, spreading happiness and cheer for everyone. Amsterdam is a 15-minute train ride from Haarlem and is a popular spot for its scenery and Christmas Markets. These markets throughout Europe …

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