What Is the Process of Getting an Azerbaijan Electronic Visajpg

What Is the Process of Getting an Azerbaijan Electronic Visa

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

Azerbaijan is a nation in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. Also known informally as Azerbaijan, or the Republic of Azerbaijan. Anyone planning to visit Azerbaijan must be aware of the e-visa requirements prior to embarking on a trip. After reading this article, you’ll find all the essential information to help you be prepared for entering Azerbaijan in the first place, such as whether you need an Azerbaijan e-visa and how to get one.


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Who Is Required To Have A Visa For Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan has a complicated system of the people who require and those who do need e-visa Azerbaijan to be able to cross its borders. The system defines the actions you can do to allow people to travel to the country without the visa they need or without and the duration of staying.

Azerbaijan Electronic Visa (E-Visa):

The Azerbaijan e-visa, also referred to as asan e-visa, is the most recent program offered by Azerbaijan. The Republic of Azerbaijan to make it simpler for travelers to travel within the country but maintaining a record of their basic information and the purpose of their trip.

The Azerbaijan electronic visa is accessible online through the official Azeri E-visa website. Candidates must apply at a minimum of three days prior to the date of application and be out of the country of Azerbaijan at the time of applying. To be eligible for this visa, you’ll have to fill out all required details and upload the following documents:

  • A passport scan.
  • A photograph 3.6 inches x 4.6 cm.
  • Hotel booking.
  • Tickets to Azerbaijan.

There is a charge of 20 USD, which each applicant must pay to complete the application and an additional fee for service that is 3 dollars. The fees are not refundable in the event of an e-visa being rejected. The payment can only be made with Visa, MasterCard, and Union Pay. The card doesn’t have to be issued under the applicant’s name. You will receive your Azerbaijan e-visa by email within three days of making the application. The visa must be presented in a printed form upon arrival at the Azeri port of entry. Azeri border crossing along with a valid passport.

Azerbaijan Visa Application Process:

If you want to submit an application in order to obtain the Azerbaijan e-visa, you’ll be required to follow and follow the various steps set by officials of the country. The deadline to submit an application within 15 days before the date of your trip to Azerbaijan. It is recommended to submit all documents you have collected at the diplomatic mission, embassy, or consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan in your home country and evidence that you have paid the necessary fees. Be aware that you will have to register in the city if you plan to stay longer than fifteen days within Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan Visa Processing Time:

The standard Azerbaijan e-visa processing process could take up to an entire month. But, you can get your application processed in just 48 hours if you demonstrate that you require urgent medical care in Azerbaijan or that a relative of yours died in the country.

Is it safe traveling to Azerbaijan?

Contrary to what is reported in the media, Azerbaijan is relatively a safe destination to travel to. Tourists should be wary of pickpockets, especially in Baku. Many frauds and scams are committed against tourists, such as taxi cabs and street vendors.

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