Best Places to Eat Good Food While on Nantucket Vacation

Best Places to Eat Good Food While on Nantucket Vacation

Last Updated on January 29, 2023

Nantucket is often referred to as the “New Martha’s Vineyard” and has become a leading summer vacation destination in the USA.

The population on this New England Island usually swells up from 10,000 to 50,000 people during the peak of the summer season. Thankfully, there are many different available residences there for short-term renting and luxurious hotels and inns there.

Nantucket is also one of the country’s leading destinations for people looking for second and third homes.

So, it comes as no surprise that there are so many excellent restaurants, breweries, diners, and other eateries there, catering to all of the residents, returning residents, and visitors to the island.

In fact, Nantucket is perceived as a foodie’s paradise and is home to some of the top fine-dining restaurants, alongside the more casual and relaxed bistros, snack bars, and brewers. It is also an island where you can enjoy some of the best fresh seafood.

So, if you want to combine nourishing your body with the sunlight and also with good food while in Nantucket, read on for our recommendations for the best places to eat when on the island.

The Beet


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This fast health food eatery is one of the top picks for locals and visitors of the island looking for healthy and casual style food.

The Beet is located on South Water Street. Its two owners – Amy Young and Felino Samson, have created a restaurant that is the perfect combination between fine dining, healthy food, and a relaxed atmosphere. In 2021, it was voted the Top Small Business of the Year by the local Chamber of commerce in Nantucket.

The menu is inspired by Asian and Latin cuisines and is served all day. It features some of the signature salads, bowls, and sandwiches which you can enjoy with some great wine or beer in a bright and inviting restaurant. Beet has been incorporated in two of the salads and one of the bowls, as well as offered in two beverages. The owners and staff are very friendly too.

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Lemon Press


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Lemon Press is among the most popular cafes and organic eateries on the island.

Located on 41 Main Street in Downtown Nantucket, it is definitely a place to check out when visiting the island.

You can enjoy some of the best cold-pressed juices, smoothies, caffeine beverages, specialty handcrafted mixed drinks, and creamy ice cream. But you can also order one of the fresh salads and bowls like Sweet heat, Kami’s Avocado Bowl, or Sabzi Salad. There are also delicious burgers, lettuce wraps, gyros, and Mahashu, or breakfast options such as Avocado Toast, Tropical Fruit Platter, Holy Kale, and more. This makes the Lemon Press the perfect stop in the morning before for some grab-and-go coffee and snacks as you head off to the beach or on your next adventure in Nantucket.

For those of you interested in meditation, intuitive eating, and Yoga, you can sign up for the Ahimsa program offered by Lemon Press, which includes three healthy meals per day for a week.

Straight Wharf

If you are looking for a more formal fine-dining experience, then Straight Wharf is the place to make reservations.

This top-of-the-line restaurant is located at 6 Harbor Square and offers some of the best-elevated fish and seafood dishes made with the freshest local ingredients, alongside a choice of hundreds of carefully curated wines.

The menu changes every night and is seasonally inspired.

Some of the must-try dishes at the Straight Wharf include The Five Iced Gray Lady Oysters, the Spice Crusted Sustainable Catch, and the Lemon meringue for dessert.

Straight Wharf has an elegant and chic rusting dining room, as well as a beautiful waterfront porch with a stunning view of the ocean and harbor.

It has a Bar Grill where you can enjoy some drinks and taquitos and mouth watering smoked bluefish pate or other entrees, main and side dishes.

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Bartlett’s Farm

This is the name of one of the oldest farms in Nantucket and also the market where you can buy some of the best local produce. It also has a Farm Kitchen, where you can order or buy freshly prepared food from the local products grown on the farm and other fresh and healthy ingredients.

You can drink some freshly brewed coffee and grab some take-out egg sandwiches or bagels for breakfast before hitting the beach. There are also take-out sandwiches for lunch and dinner options every weekday after 4 pm. You can choose from the different dinner dishes every day, including Indian Vegetable Curry, Prime Rib dinner, Roasted Turkey dinner, Flank Steak dinner, and Roasted Chicken dinner.

It is an excellent place to grab some snacks before heading to the beach or to the Cisco Brewery.

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