7 Best Street Food in Mumbai, India

7 Best Street Food in Mumbai, India

Last Updated on February 1, 2023

Mumbai is known as the city of dreams. It is also known as a place rich in cultural diversity that can be seen in the variety of foods that the city has to offer. Not to miss, the bustling city has some of the best flavors you can get around the world. Every street in Mumbai has its unique aura and charisma. Alongside, you will find tons of street food vendors busy serving delicacies for their buzzing customers. If you happen to drop into Mumbai, you should never miss out on the street food the city thrives on. From spicy to tangy, sour to hot, Mumbai knows pretty well how to keep you hooked to the scrumptious food. So here we go. Let us have a look into the flavourful street food in Mumbai that is a must-try. 

1. Vada Pav


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The vada pav is one of the cheapest street food that you can find in every street in Mumbai. The delicacy is eaten by people on a large basis and is a stomach-filling snack that isn’t heavy on your pocket. Vada pav is essentially a bread called ‘Pav’ in Hindi. The vada comprises of mashed potato along with various spices, which are then fried. This lovely street food manages to tingle your taste buds effortlessly. The snack is served with sweet and spicy chutneys as accompaniments. Today, there are many variants of this street food which have cheese, grilled and other options as well. 

2. Pav Bhaji 


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This is yet another lip-smacking Mumbai food which is a huge favourite among the people. Pav Bhaji means a bun beard along with an assortment of different vegetables (Bhaji) mashed together with seasonings and spices. The bread is heated with butter and served hot with the vegetables. It is topped off with extra butter, onions and lemon. This is a delicious street food that will beat your hunger pangs any time of the day. You can find at least one Pav Bhaji stall in every street of Mumbai. 

3. Bombay Sandwich 

Though Mumbai is known for its street food, the city also knows how to serve you healthy food. This street food right here is the perfect way to eliminate hunger and stay healthy as well. The Bombay Sandwich is a combination of bread slices along with a variety of different vegetables. Some of them include beetroot, cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes with seasonings like Chaat that goes perfectly well with the food. The bread slices are generously applied with butter and the vegetables are neatly assembled, thus making a whole healthy meal. This street food is today available in many variants. For instance, you can also ask for a Grilled Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich, and so many more. 

4. Frankie


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Looking for something savoury yet filling? Then Frankie is the right street food that you need to try. This food is basically a tasty naan bread which is made using all-purpose flour. It is cooked well using oil then coated with an egg wash. Finally, the hero of the dish walks in, which can either be chicken or mutton filling. The Frankie is then wrapped with the flavourful filling and handed over to the owners waiting to be devoured. However, do make a note that this dish also has a vegetarian variant that does not include the egg coating. Also, the stuffing is made with either potatoes or paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese). It is one of the most sought after street foods where you find a huge amount of crowd at all times. 

5. Falooda

Desiring a dessert in Mumbai? Then try out the ice-cold falooda, which is a yummy drink that you could try. This street food drink is the perfect way to cool your body during the hot summers. It is a rich and tasty vermicelli drink made with milk. Additionally, it also has generous amounts of almonds, rose syrup, pistachios, and basil seeds. This mixture is then topped with delicious ice cream. You can easily find vendors selling this drink in every street of Mumbai. If you happen to have sweet craving at any time of the day, dash to the nearest street vendor to treat yourself with this Falooda. 

6. Steamed Idlis and Vada

If you are a health freak and are always on the lookout for nutritious food, worry not because Mumbai got you covered. You can enjoy hot idlis and vada with a variety of chutneys or accompaniments. Idlis have the prestige of being the most healthiest breakfast since they do not incorporate any oil during the making. The batter of idli is made using rice and black lentils. They are usually served with sambhar, which is a watery assortment of different vegetables. Also, you get coconut chutney for a dose of spice. On the other hand, vadas are snacks made of lentils, curry leaves, chillies and onions. They too have sambhar and coconut chutney as accompaniments. 

7. Pani Puri

Pani puri is not just a street food but an emotion for the people in Mumbai. You will rarely come across someone who doesn’t like pain puri. This is one of the most popular street foods that you should not miss in Mumbai. The crisp balls dipped in the tangy, spicy and flavourful water produces a ton of various flavours all at once. The taste simply explodes in your mouth and will make you wanting for more. Since this snack is so popular, you can easily find one of these stalls anywhere and everywhere in and around Mumbai. 

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