Best Indian Food Recipe Pages on Instagram

Best Indian Food Recipe Pages on Instagram

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Food is an integral part of our lives. India has a very diverse culture with varieties of recipes consumed in different parts of the country. Every few kilometres, the food habits vary. Plus, each state has its speciality. Indian food is famous worldwide, and if you are in the social media platform you may want to check out the best Indian food recipe pages on Instagram.

Preparing your Indian food at home means you don´t need to order food or go to a restaurant. We all realized this during the recent lockdown. During this time, people who loved cooking as a passion or hobby got enough time to explore more about food and those who didn’t like cooking that much had to make an effort to start cooking.

This is when Instagram became a popular platform to share and learn new recipes. Instagram connected people from different parts of the world, allowing everyone to showcase and share their special recipes. Below we have listed the most popular Instagram pages that share the best Indian recipes. 

List of Best Indian Food Recipe Pages on Instagram

Shivesh Bhatia

Shivesh Bhatia is a self-taught baker and a food blogger based in Delhi. He makes baking look so simple and tempting that you will want to try his recipe once. He shares a variety of Indian and western dessert recipes on his page. You can try gluten-free ingredients for baking to make the recipe healthy. 


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Amrita Of Life

This page is managed by Amrita Kaur who is an Ayurveda specialist. She uses her Ayurveda knowledge to give a healthy twist to conventional recipes. She also provides tips to make the recipe more delicious while being healthy. She is also popular for sharing Upvas (fasting) food recipes using millets. 


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Fun Food and Frolic

Fun food and frolic is managed by Hina Bisht. She shares some of the best Indian food recipes online. She has a variety of recipes ranging from the main course to desserts to scrumptious snacks. You will find the use of lots of healthy seeds and flours in her recipes. 

SU Paints On Plates

Surabhi Sehgal beautifully manages this page that showcases Indian recipes. She displays aesthetically appealing pictures of various recipes and specialises in hummus recipes. She gives a very unusual twist to the recipes that make you want to try these recipes at least once. The top choice being ragi idli, kulith paratha or salads. 

My Food Story

Richa Gupta is a Bangalore-based recipe creator whose mother and grandmother passed their cooking legacy to her. She specialises in sharing day-to-day easy recipes which are quick to fix. She shares a variety of fusion recipes ranging from whole wheat pita to very traditional makke ki roti and sarso da saag. She also shares healthy recipes like oats dosa or millet dosa.  


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Organic and Happy

Natasha uses organic food ingredients to make her recipes. She promotes healthy eating by giving a western twist to Indian foods. She shares many recipes such as healthy granolas that are an excellent alternative to high sugar cornflakes or high GI Indian breakfast.  


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Saffron Trail

Nandita Iyer’s Instagram page is a holy grail for the best vegetarian recipes. She gives flavourful twists to traditional Indian recipes by making use of amaranth or ragi flour to prepare dosa. She specialises in different kinds of dosas. She also provides tips on how to make food delish, while ensuring they are healthy. 


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Food Fashion Party

Asha Shiv modernises traditional Indian recipes and enhances the nutritive value of food along with the taste through her culinary expertise. Her recipes include healthy ingredients like quinoa flour, ragi and amaranth flour. You should also follow her page if you are looking for gluten-free recipes.

Ranveer Brar

He is one of the celebrity chefs who share mouth-watering traditional as well as western recipes on his Instagram page. He specialises in North Indian foods like kadhi pakora, main course vegetables and various Indian bread or rotis using different flours.  


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Vidhi Doshi

Vidhi Doshi with the handle name theramenhairedgirl shares simple, but appetizing vegan recipes. She specialises in a variety of noodles recipes. Her recipes are easy to cook and innovative. She also shares various dosa, kulcha, oats and quinoa recipes.


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This page is owned by Swayampurna Mishra. She shares a variety of Indian dishes and also gives a western touch to traditional recipes. Many of her recipes contain healthy seeds like chia, flaxseed, sesame or melon seeds, making the recipes healthy.  


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Anagha Godbole has aesthetic essence in her recipes. She experiments with traditional recipes making them more palatable and savoury. She also shares tips on how to ease the cooking process, which would help beginners.

The main aim of these recipes is to make Indian food/meals as healthy and palatable as they can be. But this doesn’t mean that the recipe loses its traditional value. A perfect blend of innovation and grandmother’s recipes is need of an hour. You can also use different ingredients like almond flours, kuttu, millets flours, seeds, or amaranth flours daily to avoid food monotony. 


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