Best Backpacking Tips for Hitting The Trail

Best Backpacking Tips for Hitting The Trail

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Preparing to hit the trails is quite an adventure. While a great outdoors tent is one of the most important items to bring on your camping trip, you will need more equipment. The best you do your packing, the better time you’ll have on your backpacking trip. If you are new to camping and don’t know where to start, we’d recommend checking the hykeandbyke website, as they have a wide variety of gear products that are essential for this type of trip. And since you don’t want to fill your home with lots of junky stuff, make sure the gear you buy is of good quality and durability. 

Renting seasonal items is also a smart idea if you don’t want or don’t have the funds to buy new ones immediately. Purchasing compact camping gear that you can use throughout the year means you are saving money in the long run. Let’s check some of the best backpacking tips to help you prepare for the trails.


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Buy Used Gear

If you don’t have the budget in buying new gear, you can use garage sales and buy already-used gear. You can find garage sales listings on the web, on Craigslist, or the Facebook Marketplace. Or from your neighbor who is a passionate hiker and sells the gear. 

Another option is to borrow the gear from a friend. You can ask them to borrow a few items. And you can return the favor by mowing their lawn or walking their dog. Take care of the borrowed gear, clean it after using it and return it as promised.

Last but not least, you can rent gear. There are a lot of options to rent gear. A lot of backpacking gear shops offer renting services. And some locations rent ultralight gear bundles for a peculiar price. This might be a better option than spending a lot of money on a gear you are not sure you’ll use more than once.

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Cooking Tips


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You can suit yourself with utensils that are efficient and effective. And here are some cooking tips that will help you handle the outdoors journey better. You can buy a spork, a spoon, and a fork in one utensil, to save on money and space. The serrated knife edge on such items allows for deeper cuts. However, you might need a proper knife for any serious chopping. Then, you can pack a pocket-size backup burner since it can make a difference. It tucks away easily into a side pocket or the backpack bag, it sets up in under a minute and you can boil the water within minutes. It can run for 50 minutes on a single source of propane gas. It’s less obtrusive and simpler than a larger stove.

Pack as lightly as possible regardless of where you are going. Always make room for your mug. And make sure it’s an ultralight titanium mug. It can be perfect for having breakfast in it, sharing portions of stew in a group, or a single-serving pot for water. Or you can just use what you have. You can use a thermal pot for making coffee or bring instant packages.

Wait For Big Sales


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As we mentioned above, you need proper gear whenever hiking. Instead of buying the most expensive items and hoping they will last for a couple of years, you can wait for the big sales and discounts. Many stores and brands offer sales in particular seasons, so most places and websites that sell backpacking gear need a place for the new gear. For example, the summer is the best time to buy winter camping gear. You can buy a snow-camping tent or an insulated jacket. Holidays mean big sales. Black Friday, Christmas, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and many more will save you hundreds of dollars.

You can save up to 30% on the items and take advantage of coupons and discounts. And many websites offer great deals for placing your first order. If you sign up on their e-list, you’ll get more attractive offers that might interest you. 

Don’t Buy Unnecessary Items


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There’s an old saying “People pack their fears”. And while this may be true, it’s a better practice to pack only the essentials. If you are going in cold weather conditions, pack more clothes and add layers. If you think the food you pack won’t be enough, plan your meals and buy only the essentials. Do not buy duplicates and more of the same item. Planning can save you money at the grocery store and the gear store. Overspending is a bad habit, so keep it to the minimum and include only what you need the most.

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