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4 Unique pubs and bars for Outdoor Drinking in the UK

4 Unique pubs and bars for Outdoor Drinking in the UK

With summer in full swing and people being able to go out more, drinking outdoors with friends has now become possible. With so many amazing places in the UK, outdoor drinking can let you bond with your friends and have a great time. To make things interesting, you can invite your friends with matching custom printed beer coasters to go …

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5 Best Food Festivals in the UK: 2019 Guide

Food Festivals in the UK

While music festivals are fun when you’re young, a food festival is even more enjoyable. As you can enjoy great music while the food dazzles your taste buds. Something much appreciated as you get a bit older. Local vendors travel to offer their best cuisine at a yearly event. And their delicious street food produces memorable experiences offering dishes that …

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5 Best Street Food Markets in London

Specialty food stalls at Borough Market, one of the best street food markets in London

London is known for its rich history, diverse culture, moderate climate, and classic arts. Being the hub of education, technology and thousands of dazzling pubs and sky-view restaurants scattered throughout the city, the one thing which makes the capital a place to live is the enticing food streets and delicious fragrances coming from them. Hyde Park International Hotel London is …

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5 Best Beers In London That You Absolutely Must Try

Best beers in London in a traditional English pub.

You are travelling to London, one of the best beer cities in the world. As the plane touches down on the damp ground of the big smoke, the first thing you want to do is purchase a famous pint of British beer. You travel to a quaint little pub that looks out of place in this concrete jungle. The barman …

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12 Best Places to Enjoy the FIFA World Cup in London

Football fans celebrating the World Cup in London in an English pub.

Struck by the World Cup fever? Us too. We can’t wait to celebrate the highs and lows of every match, so we’ve made a list of the best places to eat, drink and watch the glorious World Cup in London unfold. From football-themed pubs to quirky bars and outdoor experiences, we’ve got something for every fan of The Beautiful Game. …

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5 Iconic Movie Restaurants Around The World

Pastrami sandwiches from Katz’s Delicatessen, one of the most iconic movie restaurants in NYC

Have you ever been watching a film and seen an amazing restaurant that you’d love to eat at? Or stared in envy as your favourite film stars devour a delicious-looking dessert? Unfortunately, most of these places don’t exist, and a lot of the food we see in films has been created just for a movie scene. Nevertheless, there are a …

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5 of London’s Most Influential Food Instagrammers

London Food Instagrammers

London is one of the most popular food capitals, and the city has long been a magnet for food lovers from all over the world. However, you should know that there is more than cafes and restaurants in London. The city is famous for its ancient pubs that have historical roots for over a hundred years! In this article, you will …

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How To Find The Best Restaurants In London

best restaurants in London

From elegant restaurants that offer all kinds of international cuisine, to cheap dishes to take away. You will surely find the perfect dish for your palate at any of the popular restaurants in London. Each neighbourhood has its own speciality and we will help you find the best restaurants in London. There are restaurants with unique architectural styles, with the best …

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The Biggest Pizza Party in London: Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro

Cheesy pizza slice from the best pizza party in London

Life has taken me to London more in the last five months than over the last five years. No matter where I am, I’m always in search of good Italian food and an energetic atmosphere. And, I happened to find the greatest combination of both tucked away in a basement on a side street just a few short blocks from …

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Ultimate Map to London Street Food Markets – Free Download

London street food markets

Did you know there are over 25 Street Food Markets in London? Download your free Map to London Street Food Markets and become a street food pro with Travel for Food Hub! Take with you this visual map pdf which includes: Market locations on a tube map Opening hours Street Food recommendations And much more! Other related articles: 5 of London’s Most Influential …

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