• Cata Cazalla

    Cata is our Social Media Manager. She's graduated in Journalism and she is studying Digital Marketing. She loves travelling and taste local food everywhere. Passionate of music festivals around the world, dogfriendly person and she spends her free time in Bilbao meeting people and new locals.
  • john kennedy

    John Kennedy is a passionate food and travel photographer. He loves developing websites and add his creative touch to it.
  • Maite Aja

    Maite Aja is our Content Editor and Graphic Designer. She has recently graduated in Advertising and Public Relations and is specializing in an area that she loves: digital marketing. She's curious and passionate and enjoys spending her free time reading or watching TV series.
  • Maria Kennedy

    Maria Kennedy is the managing editor at Travel for Food Hub. Maria is on a full-tilt mission to share local food and travel inspiration. When she is not writing about food and travel, startups or social media, she is enjoying her time with her boys in sunny Spain.
  • Aafia Khalid

    Aafia Khalid, lives in Leeds, United Kingdom, and is originally from Egypt. She has a love for reading and writing about travel experiences, travel destinations, and the teaching of Islam. She is a writer and contributor for “Muslims Holy Travel”, an online travel service offering Hajj & Umrah Services. In addition, the service offers Halal Holidays for the Muslims of the United Kingdom.
  • Luke Adshead

    Luke grew up in East London and studied English Literature and English Language at the University of Leicester. He is now a Content Executive where he is able to write about a lot of interesting hot topics that interests him including writing content about the best beer kegs in the UK, music production, construction safety, removals to algarve, and many more quirky topics that need to be shared!
  • Albert David

    Albert David is a writer and an e-learning consultant. Currently he works as a content manager with Assignment Help Experts. Besides, he is a contributor to such websites as PPC, Assignment Help Services, DumbLittleMan etc. Read her latest post about Find Perfect Roommate.
  • Alison Whittington

    Alison Whittington is a recent graduate, completing her B.A. in writing, rhetoric, and technical communications with a double minor in book arts and Asian studies at James Madison University. Aside from writing, her passions include watching Netflix, eating pizza, and petting as many dogs as possible.
  • Allison Geronimo

    Allison Geronimo is a full-time Creative Designer and Event Management Executive on weekdays, and a part-time aspiring Chef on weekends. She runs her own blog known as Amcarmen’s Kitchen where she shares food, develops recipes, styles, and photographs her creative kitchen adventures. When she’s not working or cooking up a storm, you can find her going on a leisurely (or intense) hike, rafting down a waterfall, zip lining across a river, or treetop walking; she’s a lover of nature and an adrenaline-junkie at heart.
  • Amanda Wilks

    Amanda Wilks is a part-time writer at and cooking enthusiast. It’s only recently that she has discovered her passion for gastronomy, but since she did, not a single day passed without her cooking for her family and friends, who praise her creativity in the kitchen.
  • Amanda Rose

    Amanda Rose is a traveler, blogger and a professional content writer at YepOffers UAE. It is a coupon and deals provider in UAE, Saudi Arabia and several other countries of the world. Amanda being a traveler has traveled a lot of countries of the world such as Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Saudi Arabia and others. She likes writing blogs on several topics of her interests such as Travel, Food, Shopping, Destinations, Lifestyle etc.
  • Amir Atighehchi

    Amir Atighehchi is raised in Los Angeles, CA. Health and fitness have always been a big part of his life. He ventured into the food and beverage industry by starting two different concepts DRNK coffee + tea and QWENCH juice bar. also, he is one of the Habit Nest co-founders.
  • Angela Christensen

    Angela Christensen is a Food & Travel Blogger. She writes about various food cultures and also about astonishing destinations round the globe.
  • Angelo Castelda

    Angelo Castelda works as a contributor for a news magazine in Singapore. He has a refined interest in food and beverages and loves to seek varieties of food experiences around the world.
  • Ankita Kumar

    Ankita Kumar, blogger at MonkeyInc, is a hyper travel monkey from India, in love with bright colours, colourful tights, strange foods and spazzing out. She has ridden an ostrich, swum in the ocean with bioluminous planktons, giant manta rays and sharks, tasted porcupine meat, chilled with Komodo dragons, dived in a shipwreck and has narrowly escaped getting stung by a jellyfish. Follow this monkey for crazy adventure stories, tips and well, mostly to get amused. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Bernard Meyer

    Bernard Meyer is a food and travel blogger over at the Meyer Food Blog. Originally born in Cape Town and raised in Miami, he now lives with his wife and daughters in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Brenda Cagara

    Brenda Cagara has been writing for websites, articles and blogs for five years now. She had a fair share of writing on variety of niches but her main focus on business, finance and taxation. Currently, she is working with Riz & Mona consultancy that helps foreign investor to setting up a business in Dubai. Other services are visa processing, bank account opening, trade license, Product Registration, trade mark, local sponsors and many more.
  • Mark G. Brisk

    Mark G. Brisk is a socialite. He loves connecting with people of different origin and creed. Other than that he is an expert in social media handling and creating an effective web presence for his global clients. He is an expert in social media analysis.
  • Caitlin Evans

    Caitlin is a food and travel blogger sharing her experiences to help you make the most out of your next trip.
  • Capri S. Cafaro

    Capri S. Cafaro has spent most of her career in the governmental, non profit and academic sectors. An Ohio native, Capri grew up learning to cook and bake with her Italian-American grandmother who influenced Capri's love of travel, pasta & pie.
  • Carrie Stinogel

    Carrie has always held the belief that travel and sharing cultures makes the world a better place. She recently graduated with a degree in Archaeology and Art History, and currently works as a travel agent. Some of her travel destinations include Spain, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, and the Netherlands, with many more on her list. An avid reader, archer, singer, and food lover, she's excited to be writing about how it all comes together.
  • Catherine Santrock

    Catherine is a lover of all things food and travel related. She is currently working on a master's degree in Gastronomy and is based out of New England. Whenever Catherine travels, which she tries to do as often as possible, she enjoys soaking up new cultures through their cuisine. Her other passion is wine, which she blogs about on her personal blog Pass the Bottle. Once she has completed her studies, Catherine hopes to continue traveling around the world, eating, and writing about the many different ways in which you can experience new things through food.
  • Ceara Hickerson

    Ceara works as an English teacher in Florida. Along with teaching English, she loves to travel and try new foods. Asia has been her travel hub and cuisine of choice since she lived and worked in South Korea.
  • Chelsea Nguyen

    Chelsea Nguyen is working as a blogger at “Paradise In Fiji” which is one of the best Resort for Fiji Honeymoon Packages. She has been working here for the last 5 years and has been writing unique and attractive posts. Her hobbies are travelling, diving, writing and cooking.
  • Chloe MacKean

    Chloe loves to meet new people and try new types of food. She's also the author of the food culture blog 'People I Meet and Food They Eat'. She has one golden rule when it comes to travelling - don't visit a country if the food isn't good. The great thing about this rule is that every country in the world has a rich food culture, so long as you look in the right places. For her, these places are always found by talking to locals, shopping in the markets and eating the street food.
  • Choi Wangmo

    Wangmo blogs at BookMyTour and apart from writing she enjoys her time reading to her toddler, cooking, watching her favorite shows and is a total travel fanatic.
  • Cristiane Teixeira

    Myself Cristiana Teixeira from Ontario, USA. Currently writing for Virikson Morocco Holidays and looking for challenging tours anywhere around the world. I am a passionate blogger who loves to travel and started traveling few years back in 2013 quitting my overburdened job. Though I have been through many countries from Europe, Africa, and Asia there is still so much to explore. It always feels good to know that my travel ideas are someone’s guide to a particular place. I believe that travel is a global citizen and to keep this belief alive, I am here to share my wonderful travel experiences with you.
  • Daisy Bell

    I am Daisy Bell and a pro-level blogger with years of experience in writing for multiple industries. I have extensive knowledge in Food, Fitness, Healthcare, business, fashion, and many other popular niches. I have post graduated in arts and has keen interest in traveling.
  • Devi Trianna Tobing

    Devi Trianna is a freelance journalist and a mom-in-chief for two children. She's an Indonesian who living abroad for the past 7 years. From Jakarta to London and now lives in Dubai, UAE. Apart from her routine part-time job as a broadcaster, she loves to travel and explore authentic local food in the city or other regions within the UAE. She feels so grateful to have a chance living in the cosmopolitan and diverse city like Dubai. It is a home to over 150 nationalities with hundreds food to taste. It’s like a mini ‘United Nations’ of food. For her, every day is always a new experience and a new discovery.
  • Diane Squires

    One half of the travel blogging duo AllAbroadAU. We're just a couple of Australians seeing as much of the world as we can. One writer, one photographer, we capture what we see in words and pictures to encourage others to travel too. What are you waiting for?
  • Eleonora Cordella

    Born and raised in Venice, Italy. Eleonora is obsessed with traveling and always sleeps with a suitcase under my bed. After studying abroad in the U.S, Australia and France, she moved to Rome led by a passion for art, literature, and the italian culture. At The Roman Guy, she's digital marketing, content & PR specialist, aka "The Venetian Marketer".
  • Kristina & Aaron

    FoodTravelers_NY are a couple based out of Long Island, New York who both have a passion for great food and traveling to find it! Together, Kristina Basil, a fifth grade special education teacher, and her boyfriend Aaron Weisner, an environmental scientist, are always on the lookout for new places that serve authentic and delicious cuisine. The two love exploring local areas, as well as foreign countries, ranging from Spain to Japan. Finding the most authentic cuisines in any destination, near or far, is paramount to them. Oftentimes the best restaurants are the hidden gems that only the locals know about.
  • Guest Post

    This is a guest post written by a third party for Travel for Food Hub. If you'd like us to feature one of your own articles or become a regular contributor, contact us by clicking on the button below and filling out the form. We would be so glad to share your food and travel experiences!
  • Gloria Stokes

    Gloria Stokes is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs. She is currently associated with Deepfryflux Team.
  • Ingrid Dendievel

    Ingrid Dendievel is a Belgian teacher, blogger and photographer. She loves to travel with her Danish fiancé, and they both enjoy tasting local foods and drinks. You will never see her without her Nikon D7100.
  • Maxie DaCosta

    AJamaicaExperience is a joint venture between two Jamaican brothers, Robin Treston Sr. and Maxie DaCosta Sr. Maxie and his brother hail from Walkerswood St. Ann, Jamaica. He loves sharing authentic recipes that have been passed down for generations in his family. Maxie also enjoys writing about the rich culture and history of Jamaica (and the rest of the Caribbean islands for that matter).
  • jayden smith

    Jayden lives in London. He loves to travel and explore different countries.
  • Jenene Batts

    Jenene Bronwin Batts is the Senior Marketing Coordinator at Tourism Development & Investment Company or TDIC. She oversees website maintenance, PR requests, marketing initiatives and all general guests’ inquiries for the company’s destinations, including KOI Restaurant & Lounge and Boa Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi.
  • Jessica Whitton

    Jessica Whitton is a freelance blogger, mother, and entrepreneur. She currently runs two online businesses and a freelance writing service. When Jessica is not working, she is spending time with her daughter or going on traveling adventures.
  • Jim Powell

    Transplanted to Brooklyn via Philadelphia 20 years ago. I've eaten my way around the globe, from Hong Kong to London, Mexico City, South America and both U.S. coasts. Writing about Food, Travel, Technology and Finance. NYC movie scene expert. Photography for fun. Have visited 20 different MLB stadiums and currently working on NHL. Motto: "I never met a cannoli I didn't like."
  • Kate Himonas

    Kate is a language student. Last year she lived in Russia, Israel, and Morocco. She also traveled to many other destinations and explored the cuisines there. Now she'll offer you tips to get the most out of your traveling experiences around the world.
  • Kathy Gallo

    Kathy Gallo is a coffee buff, She shares many actionable tips for brewing coffee. If you want to know more about coffee, go ahead to her little coffee blog.
  • Katie Blackbourne

    I'm a master's student reading Broadcast Journalism in the UK. I write content for Original Volunteers alongside my studies, and also write fiction in my free time. A bit of a language nerd, I speak Japanese, French, and a little Spanish alongside my native English. Next on the list is Brazilian Portuguese!
  • Kayla Schorr

    After studying abroad in Florence, Kayla became drawn to Italian people, culture, and most importantly, the food! Traveling anywhere and everywhere is her dream, and she can't wait to see where her career in the travel industry takes her. Ask her about music, curly hair products, comedy, Broadway, or grammar, and she will talk your ear off for several hours. She currently works as a content marketer for The Roman Guy, a tour company with operations in several Italian cities.
  • Kellie Coppola

    Kellie Coppola recently graduated with a B.A. in International Studies and a B.A. in Professional Writing from Miami University of Ohio. When she's not rehashing her favorite food and travel experiences, she's probably bartending, running, eating, or planning her next meal.
  • Kendal Nicole Lambert

    Kendal Nicole Lambert is a NYC-based food writer. Her blog 5 Meals a Day provides NYC restaurant reviews for millennials to dine on a budget! Kendal is a culture seeker and eager to taste all that this City has to offer. She lives by the motto “stay hungry for life”.
  • Kudzi Manase

    I'm a recent graduate in International Relations and English Literature working as a Freelance Content Writer and Editor. I enjoy learning about different people and cultures which I think is best done through language learning, travelling and sampling of local cuisines. When I'm not doing any of the above, I'm either blogging, reading or watching a political drama on Netflix.
  • Lizzie Bathurst

    Lizzie is a linguistics graduate from the UK who enjoys writing about and eating food. Her other hobbies include snowboarding in the Alps, running charity half-marathons, and covering herself in glitter at music festivals.
  • Luke Charny

    When Luke's not running his street-food travel company, he likes to write about food......or eat it.
  • Lysha Rohan

    Lysha works at Lalco Residency-Hotels In Mumbai Suburbs. and she loves her job. Helping clients and monitoring the progress of business strategies along with her leadership skills makes her perfect suit for Hospitality services. You can catch-up with Lysha at Lalco Residency in Mumbai.
  • Manish Chandra Singh

    Manish is a travel enthusiast who believes that traveling is the best form of meditation in the world. Outside of travel, he heads the content and marketing at
  • Margaret Wilson

    Margaret Wilson is a travel blogger. Margaret is currently working as a travel Writer at She is an adventurous backpacker, She has been to over 70 countries all around the World. She writes about food, culture and her travel experiences and has been featured in multiple travel magazines and blog sites.
  • Mark Bennett

    Mark Bennett is a writer and traveler, whose major inspiration has been camping with his father ever since his childhood. He aims to visit 75 countries before he’s 30. You can also follow his adventures on his site
  • Markella Williams

    This is ​Markella Williams, a Canada born and raised girl. Food is my passion ever since I can remember myself. From helping my mom in the kitchen to now blogging about it, for me, it's all about pleasing other people with food!
  • Max Therry

    Max Therry is an architecture student who is fond of photography and wants to become a professional photographer. He is also working on his photography blog about photo editing, modern photo trends, and inspiration. Feel free to reach him by
  • Melisa Marzett

    Born into a family of Ukrainians, Melisa Marzett venerates traditions of her native country keeping in mind where she comes from. Living in Phoenix, Florida for more than ten years now and working as a freelance writer for, she loves her job because she has always wanted to write Apart from writing, she enjoys physical activity. She cannot live a day without sport just like she spends time writing daily. Each day starts with a morning run, a cup of green tea with crisp bread and cheese. Melissa stands for a healthy lifestyle eating fruits, drinking a lot of water and exercising. Practice is required in everyday routine no matter what you do. It is her life motto, which makes her who she is, where she is now, makes her a successful person.
  • Mia Taylor

    Mia Taylor is a lifestyle blogger from Sydney. She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.
  • Natalie Wilson

    Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer in the travel field and is particularly interested in immigration solicitors London.
  • Nicoleta Radoi

    Nicoleta is the resident content blogger for uVolunteer. Nicoleta is an avid linguist, speaks fluent English, Chinese, French, Spanish and native Romanian. She spent a decade working in China in the education sector and working with major international development institutions. Nicoleta currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. She is passionate about volunteering, sustainable travel and has a soft spot for ethnic food.
  • Philip King

    Philip has been a writer for television for the past 12 years. But his passion for food and travel has been with him all his life. This passion has taken on a new and more meaningful dimension, as he shares every adventure and new flavor with his wife and twin baby girls.
  • Tiffany Cu

    Tiffy, a.k.a. asiatravelbug, is a travel planning freak, an ex-finance manager and currently a digital marketing ninja. Traveling has kept her sane from all the hustles and bustles of corporate life. Despite being a nervous flyer, Tiffy’s wanderlust has led her to visit Japan for 6 times (and counting). Her favorite cities are Kyoto and Tokyo and would choose to visit Japan over Paris in a heartbeat!
  • Raul H. Powell

    I am the content developer and freelance writer. I have written a lot of article on my carrier. Last one-year I'm working with pilates Machine reviews ratings - as a content developer and a writer. I am an expert on writing an article on various types of online tutorial. I also want to promote such kind of work to develop the skill.
  • Rebecca Siggerss

    Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine. You can visit her website Front Runner Outfitters.
  • Richard Cole

    Richard Cole is a Marketing and Content Manager at and has been working in the Digital Marketing industry since 2002. He writes about marketing, lifestyle, travel and everything else in between. As a conversion-driven marketer, he is passionate about helping businesses expand their online visibility and reach their goals.
  • Richard Brownys

    Richard Brownys is a freelance writer. He loves to travel and play soccer every weekend and can’t imagine his life without coffee every morning. His own website is
  • Rob Ward

    Rob Ward is a UNCW grad working in tech in Boston. When he's not traveling and trying new foods, you can catch him running, paddle boarding, or planning his next trip.
  • Sam Hoffman

    Sam Hoffman is an award-winning writer with passion in providing creative solutions for building brands online. Since his first award in Creative Writing, he continued to deliver awesome content through his travel articles. When not enjoying freediving, he is managing marketing content for various online brands.
  • Sara O Brown

    Sara O Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper. She is passionate about traveling and cooking. she has been regular contributor to Remedy Liquor.
  • Sarah Archer

    Sarah Archer is a Content Marketing Manager based in San Diego who puts her passport to use any chance she can. When she's not exploring new places and trying authentic cuisine, you can find her hiking a local trail, reading a new book or planning her next trip.
  • Sarah Kaminski

    Sarah is a life enjoyer, positivity seeker, and a curiosity enthusiast. She is passionate about an eco-friendly lifestyle and adores her cats. She is an avid reader who loves to travel when time allows.
  • Shabbir

    Shabbir is a coffee fanatic from Chicago, Illinois, currently living in India, and willing to hop on a plane at the drop of a hat. He loves exploring new cultures and trying new experiences.
  • Shannon Bradley

    We are a young(ish) couple with big ambitions. Pressing the pause button on successful careers, we are off in search of adventure; exploring the culture and cuisine of Latin America and South East Asia. Our Taste of Travel is the story of our journey, told through the food we eat and the people we meet. We are building a collection of recipes and stories from local folk, so we (and you!) can recreate the taste of travel from anywhere in the world. We will also share a few highlights from our trip along the way. Enjoy. Shannon and Adam x
  • Sianne

    Based in Macau and brought up in an environment where she has learnt to appreciate the diversity of cultures, Sianne loves travelling and learning about different countries and their people. She believes that to learn about a culture, one of the best places to go is their kitchen. The ingredients, the fragrance and the flavours tell us so much about the places and the people. While there are some cities she keeps revisiting, the mission she has given herself is to explore the world by setting foot in places she has never been.
  • Sierra Nakano

    Discovery is everywhere and I embrace it every chance I get. New experiences shape how we live, breathe and act and each place I've travelled to and each person I've met has somehow influenced my life for the better. My writing allows me to reflect upon my experiences and discoveries, jotting down every detail and memory, giving me the opportunity to share them with others. Yet, the world is enormous and filled with unlimited discoveries for me to experience and record. And my door, as well as my pen, will always be open to all of them.
  • Skylar Rothman

    Skylar is a foodie from the peninsula but loves going up to San Francisco for some food with friends. You will find her in her happy place with a burger, a brew, and a her favorite vape.
  • Samantha Rosario

    Samantha Rosario is a blogger, mother, and resident of the greatest city in the world, NYC. When not working at a Manhattan publishing house, she's spending time with her family or putting pen to paper for her own personal pursuits. She is also an avid runner and swimmer, and aims to complete an Ironman in 2018.
  • Susan Bertram

    I'm a professional photographer who grew up in Southern California and now call Atlanta home. My passport is well used. I love to write, travel, and eat as well as take photographs everywhere I go!
  • Taufik Hidayat

    I am a food and travel writer from Indonesia. I enjoy trying new restaurants and sharing my experiences. And in my free time, I love travelling with my wife and our son.
  • Saumya Tiwari

    Yogi and Suchna believe in taking the road less traveled and stumbling upon some hidden gems along the way! For over a decade, they’ve mapped their way across various continents, sniffed out unusual routes, discovered new flavours and stayed at quirky hostels. TheVillaEscape is their expression of soul travel. To check Iceland Trip From India you can catch up with them at TheVillaEscape.
  • Tracy Plunkett

    Tracy Plunkett is a content writer with a passion for travel and photography. She loves to write about the adventures she’s had during her wayfaring. Although she is only getting started with her travel plans, she hopes to visit as many countries as she can.
  • Tawny Sverdlin

    Currently a Philadelphia-based jawn, Tawny is also animal lover, writer and a content strategist at The Roman Guy, a tour company that specializes in providing extraordinary experiences in Italy. She sunburns too easily to be an Italian-American, but cacio e pepe and gelato still make her swoon.
  • Twinkle Garg

    Twinkle Garg seek out travel inspiration with friends and often through solo wandering, exploring heritage and culture, tasting local cuisine and choosing homestays over hotels. Her travel stories and articles have appeared in several travel magazines, online travel guides and travel blogs among others.
  • Vania Bravo

    I am a Peruvian who decided to make Europe her home! I love the fact that in Europe you can travel almost anywhere in just a couple of hours. That's why most of my time I like to book a flight or a train somewhere just for the weekend. Coming from a top culinary destination like Peru, I love to explore the world through food. Currently, I'm working as a content creator at The Roman Guy, a travel company with operations in Italy and Paris.
  • Whitney Luebbert

    Lover of food, good company, and my sweet pup! I'm a senior at Missouri State University majoring in Communication Studies with a completed minor in Nutrition. My goal in life is to merge my love for food with my love of people and community!
  • William Benetton

    William Benetton loves to travel around our huge world and loves to share ideas about health and meet new people. He visited a lot of countries and wants to share his experience. Last few months he designed his own website and here you can see it. He can't live without seafood, traveling and morning coffee.
  • Yareli Parra

    Yareli has a degree in tourism management, enjoys discovering original places, try new gastronomic options and share her discoveries through her articles.
  • Zara Lewis

    Zara is a regular contributor at Highstylife, a traveler and a mother of two. Originally from Chicago, she found her place in the sun in Perth, Australia. Passionate about spreading the word about fantastic places to visit and creating a better world for the generations to come.