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Coffee Pairings Around The World – Infographic

Roasted beans and a cup of coffee, waiting for their perfect coffee pairings

With a wide range of bean varieties and roasting techniques, different types of coffee have unique flavor profiles that compliment many kinds of savory foods, sweet pastries, and desserts. Being an ancient beverage largely consumed in most countries around the world, many cultures have had plenty of time to perfect this drink to enhance its flavor. Therefore, from Latin American …

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A Visual Guide to Sydney – Infographic

Helicopter view of Sydney Harbor Bridge and Lavender Bay from a guide to Sydney

Sydney is probably one of the most popular and exciting cities on the globe. With over 10 million international and domestic visitors each year, it’s rather obvious how charming this city is. The rich culture, the vibrant arts scene, the European architecture, everything about Sydney is fascinating. But besides the Sydney Opera House or the Harbour Bridge, there is a …

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Everything You Need To Know To Master Japanese Food – Infographic

japanese food

Noodles are a staple part of Japanese cuisine, but there is so much more to Japanese food than Ramen! If you’re planning a trip to Japan, the variety of Japanese food to try is a literal feast of gastronomical delights! From hand-prepared sushi to hot food on a stick, there’s a wealth of culturally rich and delicious cuisine to sample. …

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The Best Food in NYC: An Insider’s Guide – Infographic

Three hot dogs and chips on a table. They are the best Food in NYC

New York City may be one of the largest cities in the United States, but it is also renowned for its food. With such a large, diverse population comes a plethora of dishes to eat. Whether you have a sweet tooth, prefer foods that are savory or have cravings somewhere in between, you can find many dishes to enjoy on …

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Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations Around The World

Young people celebrating St. Patrick's Day at a bar with green drinks and accessories.

Saint Patrick’s is a holiday marked in millions of people’s calendars around the world. Celebrated every 17th of March, Saint Patrick’s Day commemorates the death of the patron saint of Ireland (who was, in fact, British) and the arrival of Christianity to the country. However, what began as a religious holiday in the 17th century is now a festivity that …

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10 Hawaiian side dishes you will love

Plateful of exotic foods to try in hawaii with views to the sea

Hawaii is a tropical paradise that is renowned for its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. The island’s cuisine is no exception, with a blend of indigenous Hawaiian, Asian, and American influences that creates a unique culinary experience. One of the things that make Hawaiian cuisine so special is the vast array of side dishes that accompany the …

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20 Must-Try Staple Foods Celebrating Global Culinary Richness

staple foods

Our world is full of diverse and interesting cultures. A variety of factors shape our cultures. For example, the clothes we wear, the languages we speak, the traditions we keep, and, of course, the food we eat. Local cuisine can tell you a lot about a culture, typically because its signature dishes consist of the prominent ingredients from the area. …

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How To Eat Like A Local In Rome – Infographic

eat like a local in Rome

Are you a foodie visiting Rome or planning a trip to the Eternal City? Then, you are in luck! We, at Travel for Food Hub, have designed an amazing infographic featuring everything you need to know to eat like a local in Rome. With the help of some fabulous Roman hosts from EatWith, we have now tons of inside information …

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A Visual Guide To Eating Sushi In Japan – Infographic

sushi in japan

Sushi is not the hard, stale rice balls which have been sitting out in an American buffet. It is not made with canned tuna mixed with too much mayonnaise, then wrapped with a piece of seaweed. And it is most certainly not cucumbers and imitation crab with rice on the outside of the roll, served in the plastic containers you …

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