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Roasted beans and a cup of coffee, waiting for their perfect coffee pairings

Coffee Pairings Around The World – Infographic

With a wide range of bean varieties and roasting techniques, different types of coffee have unique flavor profiles that compliment many kinds of savory foods, sweet pastries, and desserts. Being an ancient beverage largely consumed in most countries around the world, many cultures have had plenty of time to perfect this drink to enhance its flavor. Therefore, from Latin American acidic profiles to African fruity touches or Asian unique flavors, all of them have found perfect pairings that will let you enjoy a flavor symphony in your mouth.

TAKEAWAY: To help those new to coffee tastings the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the World Coffee Research prepared the Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel. This wheel establishes the different flavor profiles a cup of coffee could have. That way, the barista or the taster can decide which foods to pair it with in order to enhance the flavor or create a contrast. The main flavors in the wheel are sweet, floral, fruity, sour, green, nutty, roasted, and spicy.

So whether it’s for a morning eye-opener, your afternoon caffeine fix, or as part of an after-dinner dessert course, this handy guide lists the perfect coffee pairings for enhancing every cup. And if you’d like to try all in one, take a look at some of these fantastic coffee foods that incorporate coffee into their recipes.

An infographic by Supermarket Italy.

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