6 Best Low-Carb Snacks On The Go

6 Best Low-Carb Snacks On The Go

Last Updated on October 17, 2023

Lacking a snack low in carbohydrates when you are outside can be frustrating. You may not want to get that high-carb fast food again while you are out. So, it is better to be prepared. But which low-carb food is great as you travel? Here we have the 6 best low-carb snacks on the go that can quickly kill your hunger outside.

You will not only learn about these best six but also know how you can choose the right one if you want to pick by yourself. As you may want a quick solution for your hunger without compromising your diet plan, these snacks will serve you the best. So, without further waiting, let’s start!

How to Choose The Best Low-Carb Snacks On The Go

Choosing the right keto snacks on the go can be difficult for some people. But if you know where to look for it, you can always grab or prepare a ketogenic snack anytime. While preparing a keto snack, make sure you use all the low-carbohydrate ingredients like coconut (oil, butter, flakes, you name it), peanut butter, or almond butter.

Add fruits like strawberries, plums, or watermelon to your recipes to make sweet bites. It will be better to add avocado too. But remember your daily carbohydrate intake should not exceed 57 grams (2 ounces). You can do it by tracking your carbs and calorie intake. Once familiar with the selection process, you can turn into these best easy low-carb snacks.

6 Best Low-Carb Snacks On The Go

1. Kaze Cheese Bites

Carbohydrates per serving: 2 Grams

Kaze Cheese Bites are an instant snack for your journey that high in proteins but low in carbs. The crunchy delights can fit in your bag so that you can chew them anytime. So, keeping a packet while you head outside is the best choice.

These quick low-carb snacks come in different flavor categories like classic ones, keto medley, and fusions. The classic one includes tasty cheddar cheese, gouda cheese, smoked gouda, and jack pepper cheese bites.

But flavor fusion offers even more cheddar cheese options, like Cheddar Pizza, Chipotle Cheddar, or Cheddar Horseradish. However, the Keto medley offers 4g carbs per serving and combines two different tastes. You can get Almost & Cheddar or Pecan Cashew & Cheddar.

All these tasty bites are gluten-free and kosher-friendly to be available for a large community. The fancy technology removes any moisture to deliver the crunch of joy. With no preservatives, you will taste a fresh cheesy flavor anytime on the go.

2. Quest Protein Bars

Carbohydrates per serving: 4 Grams

Quest protein bars are another great quick keto snacks to keep in your bag while you are traveling. They offer low carbs while maintaining a rich concentration of proteins and fiber.

Also, there is a minimal amount of sugar per serving for extra diet-conscious people. Quest has numerous flavors to match your taste, like white chocolate, chocolate caramel, cookies & cream, and choco chip cookie dough.

But you can also have some varieties to test new options, for example, peppermint bark, blueberry cobbler, cinnamon roll, or pecan hero. Grab a box of these quick snacks and keep some bars in your travel bag to get a low-carb treat anywhere, anytime.

3. Blue Diamond Almonds Dark Chocolate Nuts

Carbohydrates per serving: 9 Grams

Almonds and dark chocolate are considered among the best servings in ketogenic diets. So, what would be better if you get both in just one bite? Blue Diamond almonds dark chocolate nuts are one great example.

Blue diamond is a well-reputed brand in the industry, and keto lovers most accept their dark chocolate nuts. The packet comes in a 700g (25 oz) bag to fit in any backpack. So, you will have delightful low-carb snacks on the go and deal with your hunger anytime.

The almonds are coated with the finest dark cocoa to bring the creamy chocolate-rich flavor. Besides being low on carbs and sugar, these are loaded with nutrients, especially vitamin E. Furthermore, the packaging bags are resealable, so your almonds will remain fresh for a long time.

4. Old Wisconsin Beef Sausage Snack Sticks

Carbohydrates per serving: 1 Gram

Stepping down from sweet treats for a while, you may also need some quick low-carb snacks spicy for your tongue. Old Wisconsin Beef Sausage snack sticks are a fabulous choice to grab in this regard. These will also fulfill your non-veg needs, which will help you to resist hotdog or ham temptations.

These handcrafted sticks are a brilliant source of protein while you are on the way. Its gluten-free nature is suitable for many people, while no addition of MSG makes it a preference for a healthy snack.

The beefy snack sticks are keto-friendly and carefully smoked to make them edible on the go. So, you can chew a stick right from the packet on a subway or during a walk. The delicious smoking flavor is preserved in a resealable pack so that you can keep a spare packet in your bag for a long time.

5. EPIC BBQ Pork Rinds

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Carbohydrates per serving: <1 Gram

Another great quick low-carb snacks for your meaty needs are EPIC BBQ Pork Rinds with less than 1g of carbohydrates per serving. You can always keep a bag of pork rinds with you whenever you are in a rush.

The rinds are Paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, and gluten-free, so they are a quick and easy recommendation for a large number of consumers. Moreover, the pork skin used to make them was not treated with antibiotics, which means the rinds are healthy.

EPIC is especially popular for making such carb-conscious snacks with a tasty crunch. These BBQ rinds are one of their most delicious products that are perfectly smoked for the best taste. And its savory seasoning will make you wonder how I eat it all so quickly.

6. Rip Van Vanilla Wafer Cookies

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Carbohydrates per serving: 11 Grams

Lastly, the Rip Van Vanilla Wafer Cookies are some of the most deliciousketo snacks on the go that can treat you deliciously anytime. These wafer cookies have 4 grams net carbs (11g carbs – 7g fiber) that will satisfy your hunger requirement while keeping your carbohydrate level low.

The wafer is made from real hazelnut and cocoa that pair fantastically with the vanilla keto-friendly filling. You can even enjoy it with coffee to increase the flavor.


Packing a keto snack on your way is the best method to kill your unwanted hunger and prevent spending on high-carb fast food that may disturb your diet. Here we’ve told you the six most delicious low-carb snacks on the go to fulfill your calorie needs while maintaining low carbohydrate levels. So keep some of them in your bag and never destroy your keto diet.

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