4 Tips for foodies in Cincinnati

4 Tips for foodies in Cincinnati

Last Updated on January 29, 2023

Cincinnati can help you have everything with the nostalgia of the yesteryears and the latest attractions. The awe-inspiring scenic beauty, the splendid nineteenth-century architecture, family-friendly attraction spots, and the enticing array of food and beverage options are simply hard to miss in Cincinnati. Here are some recommendations for foodies in Cincinnati.

Your trip can be a little different due to the ongoing pandemic, but you should not miss these on your next Cincinnati trip. The weather radar in Cincinnati suggests May or September are the best months to visit. The climatic conditions during this time are pristine, and you have a lot on the city’s calendar. Summers are hot, but a walk by the Rhine river can make it all fine in the pastimes. 

So what can you not miss on your next trip to Queen City?

1. Findlay Market


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One of the cherished spots on the map of Cincinnati, Findlay Market is the oldest public market in operation. The place attracts close to a billion people each year. It is only a few blocks from downtown and at one of the most historic places in the city, i.e. Over-the-Rhine.

The market bustles amid a nineteenth-century architectural marvel that houses dozens of retailers. The market is popular for its wide array of locally sourced, farm-fresh, specialty, and artisanal foods. It operates all days barring Mondays round the year. 

You may hear the sounds of the sizzling meat as you step into the market. The smell of freshly baked bread loaves will fill your nostrils, and the glimpse of fresh, colorful vegetables will lift your mood. Apart from the variety of foods like cheese, ethnic food, deli, and fresh meat, poultry, fish, it also has flowers and more. 

If you visit the place on a weekend, you get to see a colorful outdoor Farmer’s market as well. There are special events and many street performers too during these days.

Food is surely the highlight of the fifty-odd shops that the Findlay Market houses. The traction of the visitors towards the market is like moths to a flame. It is definitely the most lively place in Cincinnati. Once there, the market will make you shop ’til you drop.

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2. Cheese Coney


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If you are in Cincinnati, then you will get the vibes of how popular the Cincinnati-style chili is with the local people. It is a way of life for them. You can not miss the chance to try out this delicacy.

You can opt to have it on top of a hot dog as Coney or over your favorite bowl of spaghetti. The classic Cheese Coney is a specialty that whoever has it once, craves for it again. It has a steamed bun with mustard and chili derivative on top with diced onion and a lot of shredded cheddar cheese on top. 

You can try these at any of the chili parlors in Cincinnati.

3. Local Craft Beer

If you are in this city, you can not miss the long heritage and the traditions it carries. When you visit Cincinnati, a visit to the hundred and fifty years old Arnold’s Bar & Grill is a must. It survived Prohibition by adding a kitchen to the existing saloon to convert it into a cafe.

Nowadays, the place is popular and on the cards of go-to places because of their local choices of good food, craft beers, and an outdoor dining courtyard.

Over the years, its popularity has led many artists to add street art installations that depict various aspects. You can see murals by Shepard Fairey, JR, Hargo, and Vhils. It is making the place more significant, and it always strikes a chord with the visitors.

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4. Raspberry Chip Ice-cream


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If you are in Cincinnati, you must try Graeter’s black raspberry chip ice cream cone. The French ice cream is irresistible with its creamy texture. When you delve into the fine taste of this ice cream, you are surely going to fall for it.

What you can also check out are their seasonal offerings. Keeping in mind the visitor’s preferences, they include options based on seasons, so that you do not miss the taste of in-season local produce. 

Therefore when you make your plans to visit the beautiful city of Cincinnati, you can not miss including all the above. You can also try the barbeque places like Eli’s BBQ, which is catching up fast with the other popular diners of the city. The microbrewery culture is also booming in Cincinnati. You can give it a shot too. 


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