Camping vs. Glamping 10 Differences

Camping vs. Glamping: 10 Differences

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

Glamping has taken the world by storm. Many people have traded in their camping gear for glamping essentials with glamorous tents and plush bedding to sleep on! But what are some differences between these two types of holidays? This blog post will cover 10 things you need to know before choosing whether your next vacation will be a Camping vs. Glamping trip.

Age Group

While both campsites and glamping sites are great options for families with young children, certain features make them more suitable than others. For example, one difference between campgrounds and glampgrounds is that campsites have a more rustic vibe. Thus, don’t include many modern amenities that would be found at glamping sites.

Sleeping Amenities


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Campers will probably need to bring their sleeping bags with them, whereas most glamping grounds come equipped with luxury beds that are already made up. All you need to do is crawl into your hotel-style tent and fall asleep in comfort.

Besides, some campsites offer cots as an alternative option. But this isn’t as common at glamping sites, where luxurious queen-sized mattresses are usually provided.

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Campgrounds are often in the great outdoors and have fewer supporting facilities on-site to choose from. Glamping grounds offer a more comprehensive range of activities, including things like yoga lessons. Also, they offer massages for those looking to wind down after a long day exploring.

Glamping sites also are much cleaner due because they’re not exposed to the elements. This means that there’s less chance of encountering dirt and grime when you wake up!


This one speaks for itself! Most campsites will come equipped with essential tools aimed at helping campers get by without having access to many of the luxuries. For example, there may be limited toilets and showers depending on how far away from the campsite’s civilization. But this won’t be a problem if you’re in your tent.

Glamping grounds will have proper bathrooms with running water and hot showers to choose from, making for an extra comfortable getaway.

Cost and Affordability

Campsites are more affordable than glamping sites because they don’t include as many frills and fine details. Glamping sites offer an upscale experience right from the start because everything has already been set up before guests arrive. This is also why they are more expensive.

Food and Beverage

Glamping grounds offer all-inclusive packages, which typically include meals for campers. At the same time, you may have to bring your supplies when camping, such as pre-made sandwiches or snack items to enjoy throughout the day.

Many glamping sites will also supply each guest with a welcome basket upon arrival filled up with bottled water, snacks, and other essentials, making it easy to get by.

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Time to Spend

Camping trips are shorter, with guests spending only a single night or two on-site. This is often enough time to enjoy the surrounding area without feeling too rushed. Glamping trips are longer and can sometimes last for weeks at a time.

Thus, it makes it ideal for those looking for an extended getaway far away from their day-to-day routine.


This one will probably depend on what type of trip you’ve chosen! Campers pack lights due because they don’t have access to as many amenities. At the same time, glampers are more likely to bring along large suitcases filled with clothing options, make-up supplies, and other essentials that do not need to be enjoyed during a camping trip.


While both are wonderful in their own right, they each require different trips such that you can’t compare them one-on-one! Camping is perfect for those who want to embrace nature in its most natural state.

In comparison, glamping offers an elevated level of comfort without having access to many luxuries or comforts which might be found at home.

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The location might not matter for some people when choosing between glamping vs. camping. Instead, they focus on what activities are offered at each destination to plan out their trip accordingly. In fact, glamping in upstate new york provides similar experiences to a small-town carnival, or an amusement park will have plenty of activities to choose from (like horseback riding or mini-golf).

Camping limits these options since your home base isn’t usually anything too exciting, but there are still places where you can enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, or fishing, depending on which type of camping you prefer.

Final Thought

Camping and glamping are two great ways to enjoy a vacation. But they do have their differences that might impact your decision on which type of trip you’ll choose.

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