Belgian foods

10 Belgian Foods You Really Need To Try

Whether you find yourself in Brussels, Antwerp or Brugge or maybe in one of the smaller cities like Louvain or Dinant, there are Belgian specialities you will find no matter where you are. It is true that the Belgian cuisine is influenced by the French one, but there are Belgian foods you will not find in France (and vice versa). …

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How To Go To A Frietkot Like A Real Belgian

Whether you are in one of the big cities or a small village, there is something in Belgium that will you find, no matter where you are. You usually see them in the centre, near the local church or a football stadium. It is a frietkot, also known as a frituur or friture. What are they? A frietkot comes in …

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Greek dishes

10 Greek Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss When Visiting Greece

Planning a visit to Greece soon? Food is an important part of Greek culture so it is imperative that you attempt to try everything! But depending on how long you stay, this list of Greek dishes should be on the top of your priority to try. I’ve included sit-down and street food meals, snacks, and desserts to finish it off. …

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Greek food instagrammers

7 Greek Food Instagrammers You Should Be Following

Whether you’re in need of some dinner ideas, surfing the web, or trying to share your Greek recipes with the world, you should be following these Greek food Instagrammers. Their combination of close up succulent images and Greek restaurant destinations will make your mouth water and stomach growl. From desserts to food carts, to traditional meals, each of these sites …

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Greek food

7 Reasons Why Greek Food Is So Good

Not only is the Greek diet one of the healthiest, but it is also one of the most delicious! Greek dishes travel so far back in history that it’s amazing to think today’s food is almost no different. It’s fresh, fun, and full of so many traditions that once you take a bite, you’ll feel like you are laying back, …

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Spanish tapas

7 Differences Between Spanish Tapas And Pintxos

You probably know what Spanish tapas are. And you may have had the opportunity to try them more than once. But, do you know what are pintxos? And the difference between tapas and pintxos? The main difference is geographical but it is now the only one. Keep reading to find out all about pintxos meaning and pintxos vs tapas. But …

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