Maria Kennedy

Maria Kennedy is the managing editor at Travel for Food Hub. Maria is on a full-tilt mission to share local food and travel inspiration. When she is not writing about food and travel, startups or social media, she is enjoying her time with her boys in sunny Spain.

6 Things You Don’t Know About African Cuisine

african cuisine

There are so many reasons to visit Africa, from the amazing safari adventures, where you can see animals such as lions and elephants up close, to the incredibly diverse landscapes which you can explore on foot, bike, boat or even hot air balloon! However, one big draw, that you might not have thought about, is the cuisine. Here are 6 …

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Best 4 Places to Visit in Spain for Foodies

Best 4 Places to Visit in Spain for Foodies

Spain is one of the top destinations in Europe because it combines sunny days, big adventure, rich culture and a fantastic culinary offer. Travellers visiting Spain are spoilt for choice. Check out these suggestions of places to visit in Spain for foodies: 1. Tenerife The island of Tenerife is an utterly unique place. Visiting the longest volcanic tube in Europe …

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12 Best Places to Enjoy the FIFA World Cup in London

Football fans celebrating the World Cup in London in an English pub.

Struck by the World Cup fever? Us too. We can’t wait to celebrate the highs and lows of every match, so we’ve made a list of the best places to eat, drink and watch the glorious World Cup in London unfold. From football-themed pubs to quirky bars and outdoor experiences, we’ve got something for every fan of The Beautiful Game. …

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Where To Find The Best Local Food In The UK

local food in the UK

British cuisine hasn’t always been famous for its finesse. Rationing in the 40s and 50s left us very little to cook with. And unfortunately cemented the idea that the Brits simply aren’t that creative in the kitchen. Thankfully, the days of rationing and over-boiled veg are long gone and the UK now offers a veritable feast of fine cuisine. If …

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10 Hawaiian side dishes you will love

Plateful of exotic foods to try in hawaii with views to the sea

Hawaii is a tropical paradise that is renowned for its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. The island’s cuisine is no exception, with a blend of indigenous Hawaiian, Asian, and American influences that creates a unique culinary experience. One of the things that make Hawaiian cuisine so special is the vast array of side dishes that accompany the …

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6 New York Instagrammers Helping You Find Restaurants in NYC

New York Instagrammers

New York is probably the best place on Earth for food lovers. In the Big Apple, you can find culinary preparations from all over the world served in unimaginable ways. The variety in the food offer is absolutely immense. TAKEAWAY: Did you know that according to the National Restaurant Association there were over 45k eating and drinking locations in New …

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8 New York Foodies To Follow On Instagram

new york foodies

New York is a mixing bowl of food culture. From the many trending culinary creations that originated in the city to the culturally diverse cuisine offerings at every corner, there is no wonder why food from New York is so Instagrammable. Foodies from all around the world favor New York as one of the hot spots to eat and, of …

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7 Differences Between Spanish Tapas And Pintxos

Spanish tapas

You probably know what Spanish tapas are. And you may have had the opportunity to try them more than once. But, do you know what are pintxos? And the difference between tapas and pintxos? The main difference is geographical but it is now the only one. Keep reading to find out all about pintxos meaning and pintxos vs tapas. But …

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