5 Must-Try Classic European Cocktails

5 Must-Try Classic European Cocktails

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When traveling on a tour of Europe, we all know how vital it is to thoroughly sample all the delectable foods that the different European cuisines have to offer. But we can’t understate the importance of trying some classic European cocktails as well! This continent is home to many interesting and thirst-quenching cocktails, and it would be a shame to miss out on tasting them all.

To prepare you for what to expect, here’s our curated list of five of the most interesting classic cocktails you’ll find across the European continent. Some of these are so good, you may feel the need to thank your cocktail artisans with some Gifts For Bartenders, or at least with a generous tip. 

Let’s take a look at some of these fascinating beverages that our friends across the pond have been enjoying for ages.

1. Jagertee


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This first beverage hails from Austria and Germany, as is probably obvious from the name. This a rum-based drink that is traditionally served warm. It is typically made with domestic rum that is specifically crafted to mimic the authentic Caribbean version.

The rum is mixed with black tea and citrus fruits, and infused with various spices such as cloves and cinnamon. Jagertee is the perfect spiced cocktail to warm you up on a cold winter night in Vienna or Hamburg.

2. Boulevardier


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The Boulevardier is a strong cocktail that originated in Paris, France. It combines various different spirits, so it’s certain to pack a punch. Similar to a Negroni, the substitutions made in this French version give it a more autumnal feel than its Italian counterpart.

This beverage is made from either bourbon or rye whiskey, mixed with sweet vermouth and Campari. After being chilled with ice and strained into a glass, the Boulevardier is usually topped off with a cherry or an orange peel as a garnish.

3. Krambambula


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It’s time to take our European cocktail tour a little further east for some variety. Krambambula is the national drink of Belarus, and it’s a very simple and delicious beverage that offers many opportunities for customization.

Krambambula is a wine-based drink, combining red wine with the imbiber’s liquor of choice. The most popular choices are gin, vodka, and rum, but any spirit can be mixed with the wine, and it would still be called Krambambula.

If you find yourself traveling in Minsk or Grodno, be sure to sample this popular beverage.

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4. Yorsh


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Keeping with the theme of intriguing Eastern European cocktails, our next drink, Yorsh, is a popular choice among Russians and is used in particular for toasting at a social gathering. This mixed drink is simply a combination of beer and vodka. That might sound a bit rough, but don’t knock it ’til you try it!

The ratio of beer to vodka can be altered according to taste. In a way, Yorsh is like Russia’s answer to the Sake bomb, as it is intended to be drunk quickly after mixing. 

5. Corpse Reviver


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This English cocktail certainly has an intriguing name — a reference, of course, to its high alcohol content. This beverage is a combination of a variety of different spirits. The most traditional version consists of cognac, sweet vermouth, and Calvados apple brandy, but there are several popular interpretations involving different liquors. 

The Corpse Reviver has been around since at least the 19th century, so if you’re looking for a strong cocktail with traditional English roots, this is the one for you.



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There you have it! These five intriguing and delicious classic cocktails from all over Europe are sure to quench your thirst and satiate your palette. If you’re planning an expansive trip across the continent, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to try them all! Cheers!

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