One of those unusual Vietnamese foods: vietnamese pork-stuffed flower winter melon soup.

6 Unusual Vietnamese Foods You Have to Try in Ho Chi Minh City

Situated at the mouth of the Mekong Delta, in the South of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is the largest urban area in the country. Previously known as Saigon, the city was one of the jewels of the French Empire. Nonetheless, it underwent 25 years of guerrilla warfare during the fight for freedom from French colonialists, and then during the …

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Passport, money and Vietnam visa on a table. Getting ready for a trip to SouthEast Asia.

3 Options to Get a Vietnam Visa for US Citizens

Are you planning to visit Vietnam? As you may know, there are tones of amazing reasons to visit Vietnam. From diving and exploring caves to trying the most delicious regional dishes, the Asian country has so much to offer. But before you go, you should make sure you apply for a Vietnam visa with enough time ahead, or you will …

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Scenic view of the islands in Halong Bay, one of the best things to do in Vietnam

Top 3 Best Things To Do In Vietnam

Vietnam stretches along 1,650 kilometers from north to south with over 3,260 kilometers of coastline. And it is known to be the country of all types of terrains. From mountain ranges to deltas and beaches, the Asian country offers spectacular landscapes. Visitors can enjoy all sorts of exciting activities, including sightseeing, biking, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, cruising among many others. There …

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Weird Street Foods

10 Weird Street Foods To Try In Vietnam

I have always had a great stomach for weird-ass food. Coming from a country like India where vegetarianism is hugely prevalent (my mom being a staunch one), my love for strange food is considered rather preposterous. Vietnam was my first ever solo trip. I had absolutely no clue what to expect and I dove right into the beautiful country with just two …

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