3 Travel-friendly hats for fashionable women

3 Travel-friendly hats for fashionable women

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

Happy women look the most beautiful. So it can be the reason why you love to be outdoors. But spending lots of time outdoors or traveling comes with its own set of challenges. For example, you have to face the intense sun. Now, whether you have to step out for your daily errands or a vacation, you cannot deny that you will have to face the blazing sun rays. And you have to protect yourself from them to avoid the risk of skin cancer and other unpleasant consequences. When you think of protection from this element, the choice of one of the most travel-friendly hats will be a good idea.

After all, holidays without hats are no fun. In a garden, on the beach, or in the outback, you need this as a trusted companion. You may wonder what about your looks. Well, a womens travel hat tends to be both purposeful and fashionable. So you don’t need to stress about this. If you like it, you can wear it the whole day and enjoy the feeling. For travels, sun hats can be the best recommendation. These can have many variations, though. Here is a quick glimpse into some of the ideal choices to help you pick from them.

Popular travel-friendly hats styles for the summer

Mesh sun hat

Traveling in the summertime can be exciting, but the sun’s harshness can be too much to bear. For this reason, you need to take care of your comfort while you bask in its warmth. A summer hat with water resistance can be the right pick. Its moisture-wicking liner can help you stay cool even on the hottest days. Look for something made of polyester and nylon mesh. You will be able to crush and pack them with your luggage anytime. If you have one of these, you will not have to think twice about your tropical adventure.

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Fedora hat

You can be in a mood to dress up or dress down. It doesn’t matter when you have a summer-friendly fedora hat. You can wear it to a beach or weekend getaway to keep yourself light and on-point with your fashion choices. Many females choose fedoras for their classic aura and contemporary appeal. What is it that can draw your attention to this? If your outdoor plans include a visit to a jazz club and brunch, you can select a cowhide leather and felt fedora hat—the ones in full-grain leather-look luxurious. Nobody can take their eyes off this.

However, you cannot take this with you on a long trip via air, for example. The stiff build will not let it crush and fit in your luggage, which can be inconvenient. Still, if you don’t want to do without it, wear or carry it with you wherever possible. On the other hand, you don’t even have to think about anything for shorter tours and flights. You can keep it on your lap for an hour or so without any difficulty.

Straw and floppy hat

Only a hat with a wide and a bit of sloping brim can protect you well from sun and wind when you laze around the beach. Your neck and face will remain under its shade and stay calm. Since straw is a natural light-weight material, you will not feel bothered by anything. You can instead focus on the surroundings and soak up the beauty around you. For choices, you can visit Americanhatmakers.com once. From straw to fedora, you can browse through every sunhat style.

Things to consider when buying a sun hat

Women love shopping, and when it is about securing comfort and style, the whole thing becomes even more exciting. But in this excitement, you must not overlook a few critical things. For instance, your travel hat needs to be water-repelling and easy to dry. The material should be washable, but it should not shrink. It will be better to select something that doesn’t crumble when you pack it. Your head should feel happy wearing one and not pressured.

Breathable hat designs, such as mesh and straw, can ensure proper air circulation, keeping your head dry and relaxed. However, it should not compromise with its ability to fight harmful UV rays. Besides, brims should be broad enough for your neck and face. But it should not trouble your view. Since when you are in the open, the chances of encountering blowing wind become higher. If you don’t have anything to secure it, you can lose your hat to the stray current of air quite soon. So buy something with a cord or string that will not get affected by the windy condition. You can also personalize your hat with decals or embroidery using svg files for a fully custom look.

Travels often bring many pleasant surprises in life as you absorb different scenes and sights. If you want to record them as the best experiences in your diary, make sure you first plan for your comfort, which can start with something as necessary but straightforward accessory as the travel hat.

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