10 most unique restaurants in the world

10 most unique restaurants in the world

Last Updated on October 16, 2023

Around the world, there are incredible restaurants where one should dine at least once in a lifetime. After all, the location is a fundamental element of the gastronomic experience. And when taste combines with breathtaking views and captivating designs, the result can only be astonishing. Below, we have created a list of the most distinctive restaurants in the world that absolutely deserve a visit.

1. Iris, Hardangerfjord, Norway

Iris, situated within the futuristic Salmon Eye research center, captivates with its surroundings of imposing mountains and glaciers. The restaurant, under the leadership of Danish chef Anika Madsen, opened its doors a few months ago. Guests can indulge in a culinary experience featuring a 16-course tasting menu, a delightful boat trip, and a stop on Sniltsveitøy Island.

2. Malibu Barbie Café, New York, USA

This restaurant, a haven for Barbie enthusiasts, immerses guests in a complete Barbie-themed experience and serves incredibly fascinating dishes. MasterChef USA semifinalist Becky Brown, renowned for her pastry expertise, crafted a delicious menu you should try to believe!

3. The Eagle’s Nest, Bavaria, Germany

The Eagle’s Nest, or Kehlsteinhaus, is situated on a rocky promontory amidst the Bavarian Alps and was gifted to Hitler on his 50th birthday. Today, it houses a restaurant open from May to October that serves traditional Bavarian cuisine.

4. Grotta Palazzese, Puglia, Italy

Carved into the rock and overlooking the Adriatic Sea, this restaurant seems like something out of a fairy tale. Rich in history, it has hosted banquets and ceremonies of a certain caliber since the 1700s. The restaurant is open from May to October and offers the opportunity to savor traditional Puglian dishes and high-level cuisine.

5. M6m, Maadhoo Island, Maldives

This restaurant is an ideal choice for those seeking an underwater dining experience. Its modern and captivating style, along with its windows, provides the opportunity to observe sharks and rays gracefully swimming in every direction.

6. Moss, Blue Lagoon, Grindavík, Iceland

Located right next to the Blue Lagoon, one of Iceland’s most famous attractions, this modern and captivating restaurant offers a seasonal tasting menu, including a vegan option. The moss-covered rocks and the surrounding expanse of solidified lava add a good dose of character and atmosphere to this place. Moreover, those who wish to watch the chef in action can request a table with a view of the kitchen.

7. Bientang’s Cave in Hermanus, South Africa

This restaurant offers a unique dining experience inside a cave overlooking the ocean. The tables are positioned right on the cliff, with waves often lapping at their edges. From the restaurant, guests can easily spot whales emerging from the water just a stone’s throw away.

8. El Diablo in Lanzarote, Spain

It stands out for its distinctive cooking method. The chefs at El Diablo grill meat and fish using the heat from the volcano. They utilize a giant grill directly placed on the lava, ensuring perfect cooking for every dish.

9. Arctic Bath in Harads, Sweden

It is a suspended wooden restaurant in the middle of the Lule River. The menu is seasonal and made with local ingredients such as berries, honey, mustard, fish, and reindeer meat.

10. Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant, San Pablo City, Philippines

This restaurant in the Villa Escudero resort in San Pablo City, Philippines, offers a refreshing culinary experience. It is in the bed of the Labasin Falls and provides long bamboo benches for guests to enjoy a Filipino buffet while surrounded by cascading waterfalls.

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