5 Tips for Vacationing in Africa with Kids

5 Tips for Vacationing in Africa with Kids

The desire to see the vast savannahs where wild animals roam free might have put an African safari high on your bucket list. Better yet, if you have recently seen the remake of The Lion King, you might be getting pretty strong hints from your kids. Whatever your motivation, vacationing in Africa with kids is an extraordinary adventure that will …

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African Dishes

9 African Dishes You Haven’t Tried Yet, And You Should!

One thing Africans cannot do without is their food. They will always find a way to satisfy their craving for traditional cuisines. No matter how far they go from home. If you get a chance to visit the kitchen of their restaurants here in America, you will be amazed at what magic they can do with your staple foods. It …

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Injera with wats, one of the most famous dishes in Harar, Ethiopia

5 Must Eat Dishes in Harar, Ethiopia

The colorful city of Harar lies in the East of Ethiopia. It is a place where hyenas roam the streets at night, white magic is practiced, and chat is king. Centuries of being an important trade town have also made it the most culinary diverse city to visit in the whole of the country. And not only that, but it …

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african cuisine

6 Things You Don’t Know About African Cuisine

There are so many reasons to visit Africa, from the amazing safari adventures, where you can see animals such as lions and elephants up close, to the incredibly diverse landscapes which you can explore on foot, bike, boat or even hot air balloon! However, one big draw, that you might not have thought about, is the cuisine. Here are 6 …

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A great example of Moroccan cuisine: couscous and mint tea.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Moroccan Cuisine

Travel and food have a very close relationship. If you love food, you’ll go to many different places, and if you love traveling, you’ll eventually come across spice-laden food in every corner of the world. Are you looking for a foodie’s kind of adventure? Give a chance to the mesmerizing beauty and super delicious flavors of Moroccan cuisine. Food is …

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Rainbow over Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, a must stop during a foodie's day in Harare.

A Guide For A Complete Foodie’s Day in Harare, Zimbabwe

Whenever people come to Zimbabwe, the obvious destination is the Victoria Falls. These are a must-see for anyone travelling to this part of the world. However, the food options near the waterfalls are fairly limited. In such a small town, there are only so many places you can go. Harare, on the other hand, is the country’s food capital. With …

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An example of African breakfast recipes: grilled tilapia and chili plantains.

3 African Breakfast Recipes for Food Lovers

Before diving into the most delicious African breakfast recipes, it’s worth mentioning that for many, breakfast isn’t a time for creativity and exploration in the kitchen. Instead, it has become something to be dreaded and feared, as if there is something inherently evil about cooking in the early hours of the morning. At the same time that may simply be …

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Tray with traditional Moroccan mint tea, ready for an afternoon snack.

The Scoop on Moroccan Mint Tea

Every morning in Morocco starts with a hot cup of tea. At noon comes another, and a final glass (along with an assortment of treats) caps off the evening. This beverage is everywhere in Morocco. The most famous, and most popular kind is Moroccan mint tea. It is sweet and refreshing though always served hot. And bear in mind that …

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Setting of a traditional Moroccan breakfast with hot mint tea, fruits and baked goods.

6 Traditional Moroccan Breakfast Foods

Moroccan food reflects the various cultures that influenced the country’s history, which is particularly true of the breakfasts. The various dishes that are eaten at the first meal of the day have diverse origins. Have you tried any of these traditional Moroccan breakfast foods? TAKEAWAY: In Arabic, Iftar means breakfast. During Ramadan, Iftar is still the first meal of the …

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Dish of jollof rice, one of the most popular Ghanaian snacks.

4 Ghanaian Snacks Every Traveller Must Try

In pretty much every Westernized country in the world, people constantly worry about their weight. People toil in the gym, take up the newest fad diets, and generally try to adapt their lifestyles and food to prevent them from putting on extra weight. Not in Ghana. It might come as a big surprise to anybody used to seeing airbrushed size …

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